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What could cause a 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan to run hot?


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2015-07-17 17:38:47
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Cars run hot for a couple of reasons. Start with the easiest and work towards the more complex. First check coolant level. If it is low the car will get hot when standing still and cool down when it is moving, it may also heat up and cool down at intervals. Second check the thermostat. It may be stuck in the closed position. To check, grab the radiator hose that connects to the thermostat housing (caution may be hot). As the car heats up the thermostat should open and you should feel coolent moving through the hose. Third check the water pump. Check to see if it is leaking water. If it is leaking it is because it has a bad seal and the pump must be replaced. Fourth have a mechanic check the timing.

Also check to see if the fans are running. The fans are controlled by the computer to kick on when things start to get warm, but if the sensors have failed then the fans will not engage.

In addition, trapped air pockets, weak antifreeze, internal plugging, defective temperature sender, gauge innacurate. Internal leak such as headgasket.

I have experinced overheating in a 1990 grand caravan on the highway due to a bad torque converter and transmission problems. But start with the easiest and cheapest to repair and work your way up. .



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