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possibly warped rotors.Feels for grooves on the rotors(when rotors are cool,your rotors should be smooth ) if you feel them you need to replace them,and dont forget to replace your pads too.Worn pads grind your rotors and ruin them.

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Q: What could cause a 2001 jeep cherckee to shimmy really heard when braking from 55 miles and hour?
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Why do cars shimmy when they stop?

If the car shakes when stopping you probably have warp brake rotors (discs). Have a trusted mechanic inspect those brakes for safety sake. Define shimmy. Heavy braking in adverse weather/road conditions will cause the ABS to operate. The ABS works by alternately applying the brakes almost to lock-up and then releasing them. If the shimmy only happens in adverse weather conditions it could be that the ABS needs looking at but it's more likely that you probably need to improve your driving skills.

What is the cause of F150 front end shimmy?

ball joints

Will a broken motor mount cause the front end of a vehicle to shake when braking.?

not usually. warped rotors will cause a vibration during braking.

Is A tire out of balance dynamically can cause a shimmy-type vibration?

Yes, it can. Take it for balance

Will back rotors cause shaking to?

If they are warped they can cause shaking when braking.

What is the cause of a shimmy in a car steering system?

The shimmy sensation in a vehicles steering wheel could be from several things , but the foremost likely reason is the camber being out of adjustment, and a simple alighnment should solve the issue promptly

What would cause the wheel to shimmy when the tie rod end is good?

balanced or bent rim. 65;

Your girlfriend is really busy with career and has mentioned taking a break because the relationship is added pressure what should you do and is she really wanting to break-up in a passive way?

the true is the shes braking up with you cause of some1 else.Personal experience

What could cause the shimmy in a 2003 Cadillac Deville in the 63-73 mph range?

1 or more out of balance tires

Could a bad CV joint cause your car to shimmy and wear a tire unevenly?

actually that was the problem but thanks for trying

What would cause a vibration or shimmy in the front of a 2002 Chevy Malibu?

Tire(s) out of balance/old, bent wheel, etc.

What could cause a 1996 Chevy Truck to shimmy between 40mph and 50mph?

Bad wheel alignment, perhaps balljoints worn out.

What can cause your 2004 Pontiac vibe to shimmy and shake after you had tires rotated and balanced?

It could be your rims are bent. Or it could be the rotors are warped

What would cause the abs light to come on and front end shimmy when brakes are applied on a 2001 Chevrolet impala?

Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to determine problem with ABS light Sounds like rotors may be out of round causing shimmy need to be resurfaced or replaced

What would cause a constant thumping sound as if the car is going over bumps after braking really hard and fishtailing a little?

You created a flat spot on the rear tires. Your car had a busted mount or bushing

Do warped rotors cause car to shake only when giving it gas?

No, warped rotors will cause vibration when braking.

What might cause a car to shimmy?

Worn front end parts, suspension issues, slipped belt in the tires, tire balance problem.

what would cause a rubbing noise on drivers side front wheel especially when braking ( I replaced ro?

what would cause a rubbing noise on drivers side front wheel especially when braking ( I replaced rotor and wheel bearings are good) ?

Find cause of jingling noise while driving and stops when braking?

your keys?

What will cause a front end to shake on a Chevy Colorado when braking?

warped rotor

Can you drive car with tar on the tire?

It would depend on the amount of tar stuck to the tire. A little wouldn't effect much but more will cause the tire to be off balance and cause the vehicle to shake or shimmy.

What would a bad tie rod do?

I t can cause a shimmy in the front end while driving if it is wore bad enough. It can cause your tires to wear abnormally. If it completely breaks, it can cause you to loose control of steering on the tire that it broke off of.

What would cause single Knocking noise when braking or turning?

A single knocking noise when braking or turning can be caused by a faulty axle. The cost of replacement is usually around 1,000 dollars.

Why does the steering wheel shift when braking then shift back when released?

Sounds like the wheels need re-balancing - that would cause the vehicle to 'pull' to one side during braking.

Several factors can cause tire failure including inflation hard braking and?