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What do you mean by "stop working"? Does the radio light up at all when you start the vehicle? If not, check the radio fuse, in the fuse block (look in your owners manual). Does the radio work on AM/FM stations and it is just the CD part that wont work? If so, then I agree with the answer below. However, before buying a new unit, buy a CD cleaner disc from Circuit City or The Source etc and try to clean the CD player first, sometimes that works. Good luck. probably one of lenses inside the CD PLAYER WENT BAD, somebody gave me one Jeep CD PLAYER for my car, and i think lenses are dirty, try to play one CD CLEANER, maybe it will work, good luck

2006-07-11 17:50:32
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What could be the cause of the radio not working on your 93 Honda Del Sol?

wires, a ground wire, or fuse

What could be the cause of the heat and radio not working in a '99 Mercury Tracer?

You could try recharging the battery, or having the connections checked by a mechanic.

Why did the radio in your 2008 Jeep Wrangler stop working?

A loose wire can cause a radio to stop working in a 2008 Jeep Wrangler. A blown fuse is another cause and can be fixed by replacing it.

How do you fix a broken radio in a Chrysler 300m?

The method to fix a broken radio on a Chrysler 300M will vary depending on the condition of the radio. If the radio is not working, it could be a simple as a fuse. Try changing the fuse to see if this may solve the problem. If the radio is still not working, it may require troubleshooting from a mechanic or car dealership to determine the root cause.

When was Liberty Radio created?

Liberty Radio was created on 1995-07-03.

If the radio sound system and navigation stopped working on a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country Van could it be a fuse?

Yes a fuse is one possible cause.

What could cause a 98 ford windstar radio to stop working?

First thing to check is if the fuse is okay...See "Related Questions" below for more

How do you program radio stations in a Jeep Liberty?

I have a 07 jeep liberty factory radio how do I program it

2000 grand prix radio not working could it be the fuse?


Why 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan radio stopped working?

If the radio in a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan quits working, it is likely a blown fuse. It could also be faulty wiring or a defective radio.

2004 pacifica heater and radio not working but all fuses look ok?

Crossed wires that have corroded together can cause your heater and radio to stop working, at the same time. The heater and radio are not related in any other way.

Why doesn't my car radio work?

Often when a car radio in not working a blown fuse is the culprit. It also could be a wiring problem or a defective radio.

Why does your car vibrate when you turn on the radio?

Turning on the radio will not cause your car to vibrate. The only thing I can think of that would even be remotely possible is that the alternator is barely working enough to keep the battery charged. The extra load of the radio could possible cause the engine to miss. This is highly unlikely, but remotely possible. Have the charging system checked.

What could cause the bass in car radio to stop working but the other sounds are still there The radio and Cd player still plays but the songs don't have any bass?

Does the car have a separate subwoofer? If so, check out if it has become damaged/disconnected.

Why won't my radio turn on in my vectra sri?

There are many reasons that could cause the radio to not work. There could be a wiring issue, or a part may be broken.

Your Peugeot 406 car radio has got no sound coming out everything else seems to be working ok What could be the problem?

Please can you help me the radio on my Peugeot 306 the sound is not working

Why does the rear window defroster cause the radio to quit working?

you either have a blowed fuse or a wire crossed

How does radio cause lightning?

Radio does not cause lightning.

What can be the problem when radio volume adjustment on steering wheel quits working?

It could be a short in the fuse.

Could a faulty ignition switch cause a radio to lose presets?

Indirectly, yes.

Just bought a used 2000 honda accord I have the radio unlock code but when I try to enter it it just says error e Help?

The radio unlock code could not be working for a few different reasons. One reason could be because the radio could be out of date, the other could be because it is broke.

What would cause the radio on 1997 Dodge Caravan Sport to quit working?

It is most likely the fuse. Try replacing it.

What is the cause of my power door locks and radio volume not to work?

The cause of your power doors and locks and radio volume not to work could be a blown fuse. Locate the proper fuse to ensure it has not blown.

What could be wrong with my 1990 Saab convertible radio that was working great now all there is is static?

if you left the top down and it got wet then your radio is probably fried

Clock in 2005 Jeep Liberty?

What is your question? The clock in the 2005 jeep liberty is built in to the factory radio.