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What year is it? it could be the coil, the coil will break down when it gets hot. And then be Ok after it cools off.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-14 14:12:43
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Q: What could cause a Grand Marquis V8 to start then stall after the spark plugs wires cap and the rotor was changed?
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You have no heat in your 1994 mercury grand marquis?

i have no heat in my 1994 mercury grand marquis. what could cause the heat to stop working

What could cause my 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis shake or vibrate when it is stoped at a light or stop sign?

Perhaps your timing.

Could a front cap off a 2003 grand marquis gs fit on a 2000 grand marquis gs?

don't know.

Why does my 93 grand marquis make such a noise door locks?

There could be many reasons why the 1993 Grand Marquis make noises when the doors lock. The wiring could be off, or the motor could be going out.

What would cause the airbag light to come on in a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Many things could cause this. Loss of air pressure, air pump not working, etc.

What cause a 1992 grand marquis to overheat?

Could be many things. Rad., Fan, thermostat, fan sensor, water pump, blocked passages.

Could a rough road cause a fuel cut off switc to cut out on a 1998 grand marquis?

a rough road can cause the fuel shut off switch to turn off

Grand marquis is only getting up to 40 mph what could be the problem?

This could possibly be a fuel problem. Has the fuel filter been changed ? Fuel pressure checked ? Is there dirt in the fuel tank ?

Why does a 1994 grand marquis wobble when driving?

Could be the tires, or your front brake rotors

Is there a kill switch on a 1999 grand marquis?

Normally not from the manufacturer, but it could have had one installed after that.

Why does your 2001 grand marquis overheat?

Could be the rad. , the thermostat, hoses, fan. You have to check all.

Why do the parking lights not work on 1988 grand marquis?

It could be three thing... 1. You blown a fuse 2. You have a faulty switch 3. Your Marquis need to be rewired

What could cause white smoke from tailpipe in a 1992 grand marquis?

they have elected a pope? in cold weather it is normal to see white smoke coming out of your tailpipe. the one you have to worry about is the black or the blue smoke

Can 24 inch wheels fit on a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis?

yes 26" rims could fit on it

Why else could the heater not work on a grand marquis if i have checked the radiator and heater core?

You have to be more specific. What is not working?

What could the clicking sound from the front wheels on a 2001 grand marquis be from?

Could be as simple as pebble in hub cap Could be wheel bearing Could be loose brake pad

Why does substantial water not coolant leak into my 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis passenger side floorboards both front and rear and into trunk?

There are only two possibilities for the water leak in the 1993 Mercury Marquis. The car could have a leak allowing rain water in. Or, the drain for the ac could be stopped, and condensation is leaking into the car. The condensation is your most likely cause.

What Type of suspension a 1998 mercury grand marquis?

Could be coil spring or air bag spring system. You have to look.

Why is oil on your air filter on a 92 Mercury Grand Marquis with a 4.6?

If there is a PVC valve and hose and filter connected to the air intake, oil could be sucked up from the valve covers when the throttle is applied. perhaps the PVC valve needs to be changed.

What could be the problem of a rear tag light not working on your 98 Mercury Grand Marquis if the fuses are all ok?

Burned out bulb?

Why does a 1988 grand marquis shake as you accelerate to a certain speed?

Wheel balance or drive shaft balance. Could be bearings also.

2001 grand am se 2.4 cylinder1 is misfiring you changed the plugs and boots what else could it be?

There are several things that can cause your 2001 Pontiac Grand Am 2.4 liter engine to misfire. The next thing you should change will be the fuel injectors.

Grand marquis will not shift out of park?

It could be a fuse. If the brake lights do not turn on when you press the brake pedal check your fuses under your dash.

Why is brake fluid leaking from passenger side rear wheel on a 91 mercury grand marquis?

Could be the caliper or the metal line. You will have to have it checked.

Why does Engine misfire on cyl 6 1998 merc grand marquis?

Could be a bad coil, plug, or injector. Start with the coil first.