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check your spark plugs and wires. if they are all firing correctly and are in good condition, check your injectors and fuel pump/filter. if it's only during acceleration, it's either a fuel delivery problem or ignition problem. I had the same thing like a month ago. Did a complete tune up and it now runs perfectly.You'll notice a difference as soon as you change the plugs.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-21 20:41:41
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Q: What could cause a V6 98 Chevy Camaro to stall or jerk when you accelerate?
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Can a Chevy Camaro coupe pull a horse trailer?

yes it could

Your 2002 Chevy cavalier pulls to the right when you accelerate and pulls to the left when you take your foot off the accelerator what could cause this?

Have your ball joints checked out.

Will a Chevy small block fit in a camaro 1986?

Yes. You could get them from the factory with them.

What could cause the engine to whine on an 85 Chevy caprice when you accelerate?

Crack in intake or exhust, or belt glazing- Check all the intake and exhust bolts.

What could be causing a 1995 Chevy Camaro Z28 to puff black smoke from the exhaust when you accelerate?

your runnning rich buddy Black smoke is a sign of an overly rich Air/Fuel mixture. Do not ignore this as it can cause engine damage. Blue smoke is oil burning, and white smoke is coolant in the combustion chamber.

What causes the humming sound in your Chevy 2005 Trailblazer when I accelerate?

There could be a few things that can cause this humming sound. It could be the wheel bearings rubbing, it could be the gears rubbing, it could even be coming from the engine pistons.?æ

Car shakes when you accelerate hard what could be the problem?

If it only happens when you accelerate the most likely cause is an axle.

What could stop a 1988 2.8l Chevy Camaro from accelerating?

A plugged up fuel filter.

Why does 1997 Chevy Blazer miss out when you accelerate?

Could be a faulty spark plug or spark plug wire.

Why does your navigator hesitate to accelerate?

A faulty fuel pump would cause your Navigator to hesitate when you accelerate. Bad gasoline could also be at fault.

Why would the air conditioner on a 1995 Chevy Camaro 3.4L cause the main belt to rub and squeal?

Defective clutch or bad bearings. It could also be that the belt is just worn out or too loose.

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