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it probably ran outta frion

Check that you have freon in the system (the little valve on the compressor that points up) Take the cap off and push the valve down in the center of the hole. Something should squirt out. It also depends on how much (ie: a little bit or a lot) If a lot comes out, take it to a certified AC specialist. If a little or nothing comes out, you may try putting some freon in yourself. Go to a parts house and get a can of freon with its own valve assembly and insert it yourself. First read instructions, attach the valve assembly to the valve you checked your freon from. Start your car, turn ac on high and turn to coldest setting. Insert freon. At first your clutch will not turn on, (the round thing at the front of the compressor that is not turning) but as you get pressure in the system it will cycle on and off until it stays on continuously. Check if your AC is blowing cold. If you AC is still having problems take it to a certified specialist. tata G

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Q: What could cause a ac compressor to seize on a 1995 Ford Mustang GT?
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What if you put too much freon in your ac?

Excessive freon may cause the compressor to"slug" (Seize)

Will low lubricate or refrigerant cause damage to the AC compressor on a Honda CRV?

You need oil in the compressor just as you need oil in your engine. If there is no oil, it will lock up and seize internally. yes it can cause damage to the bearings in the compressor. The unit has oil in it to lube

What will happen when an AC compressor runs out of oil?

The compressor will seize. They are very costly to replace.

Would a loose carburetor cause an engine to seize?

No, it would cause the engine to run poorly but not to seize. Lack of lubrication or overheating will cause that. Also a broken part, as in a rod, will cause it to seize.

What cause home ac compressor to seize mine was installed 16months ago Was told electrical storms?

Lightning could, but usually its over charged though there are other possibilities. Lightning should have left some marks. It is not impossible 16 month old compressor should fall under your home warranty one way, and under the manufacturer's the other.

Why does my Mitsubishi Galant quit when the air conditioner is turned is on?

The ac compressor may be seized or about to seize up.

What would cause a 2004 Dodge Durango engine to seize up from a dead battery?

A dead battery would not cause an engine to seize

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The ac compressor does not come on?

There can be a couple of reasons due to which the AC compressor of your car might seize to work. First of all check the wires leading to compressor and the fuse switch. Next you have to check if the compressor holds enough gas for AC to work. Also, check for a leakage in steel pipes that circulate the air.

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Oil leaks will not cause an engine to heat or to seize. A lack of oil will cause it to get hot and seize which is caused by not checking the oil level and adding as necessary to keep it full. As long as the engine has the proper amount of oil it will run just fine. The leaks may cause a mess, waste of oil and money, but they will cause no damage to the engine.

What is wrong if your AC blows cool for about a minute and then the outside shuts off and the fan just blows hot air?

It could be any one of the following: 1. The fan motor is overheating and is shutting down on overload, which will cause the compressor to shut down via the high pressure switch. 2. The compressor is getting too hot and is shutting down via the thermal overload switch. You need to determine if the fan and the compressor both come on at the outdoor unit. If you are getting cold air inside the house, the compressor is probably running. It generally takes longer than 1 minute for the fan to go out on overload unless the bearings are shot, then the fan motor could seize up and shut the compressor down on overload. You should have this checked by an HVAC tech.

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if you ran it out of the water the pump could have burnt up which in turn would seize up the may also have not mixed the fuel to oil ratio correctly which could also cause it to could also be from sitting, if it sat for a long time the cylinder could have rusted or corroded causing it to lock up

What causes hissing noise when air condition on?

Its the compressor starting to seize up. You will need a new soon and they are expensive your looking around $1300.

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What happens to your car when the alternator goes out?

It'll run solely off the battery for a little while until the battery becomes too depleted. The check engine light will most likely come on, as well. This is, of course, provided the alternator doesn't seize when it goes out. If it does seize, your vehicle will either stall out, or it'll cause the belt to snap, which, if you have a serpentine belt, will disable your AC compressor and power steering.

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