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Make an appointment to see your doctor. Don't be embarassed or shy. They see and hear everything.

2006-07-17 12:58:13
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What could cause soreness in one testicle?

Normally getting kicked in said testicle could cause soreness.

Does gout cause testicle swelling?

It can, The malady you are referring too is known as gouty orchitis.

Is hot or cold water better to help ease muscle soreness?

That really depends on the preference of the individual, and the underlying cause of the muscle soreness. If the soreness is a result of over doing it from exercise, and is not from an injury, heat could be the way to go, as it dilates the blood vessels and brings more blood into the area, as well as promoting muscle relaxation. Cold should always be used if you suspect an injury, as it prevents swelling, and swelling is a result of histamine response to the injury. K.Jones LVN/Combat Medic

Can strep cause facial swelling?

Yes it can cause facial swelling.

What does a build of lactic acid cause?


Can depakote cause breast enlargement and soreness?

Yes it does.

Injury that does not immediately cause pain or soreness?


What is one cause of muscle soreness?

Exercise and working out

Can dehydration be the cause of soreness on your tongue?

probaly yes

Can saw palmetto cause ankle soreness?


What foods can cause swelling?

If someone is allergic to a food, like peanuts, that can cause swelling.

Can low potassium cause leg swelling?

Low potassium does not cause leg swelling.

What would cause swelling and soreness around your tongue ring nine years after you pierced it?

Something could've got in it. Any type of foreign thing could've caused that. Ask a piercer about it..Call up someone.

What causes testicles swelling in men?

One common problem that can cause scrotal swelling in men is Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). If you are experiencing swelling in your lower extremities and in the testicles, I would go see a cardiologist, as the problem with the testicles is not from the testicles themselves, but from a problem with the heart. Other problems that could cause testicular swelling would be a testicular torsion (rip inside the testicle), epiditymitis (infection of the sperm duct inside the testicle), and a testicular hernia (part of the testis is protruding from the sac that surrounds them under the skin). These conditions are very painful and may require emergency attention. One reason that could cause swelling in the testicles are tumors (cancerous). These tumors are mainly painless. However, do not be afraid, as just because you may have a tumor, it is not always the case that this tumor is malignant. Sources: nursing student

What can cause the volume of sperm to decrease?

testicle damage

Can back pain cause testicle pain?


Can a big penis hurt going into a virgin even after she has been fingered?

Yes.. not only a big penis.. an average penis can hurt as well. It's the breaking of the hymen and the stretching that can cause soreness afterwards!

Can Diet Coke cause swelling in legs?

no it can not cause swelling in your legs, but if your allergic to pop it might

One cause of muscle soreness is?

lactic acid fermentation

What would cause fluid like swelling on back of head?

A blow to the head would cause swelling.

can colon cancer cause stomach swelling and bloating?

can colon cancer cause stomach swelling and bloating

Can tetanus vaccine cause side effects?

Side effects of the tetanus vaccine are minor: soreness, redness, or swelling at the site of the injection that appear any time from a few hours to two days after the vaccination and disappear in a day or two.

Should I see a doctor if I have heel pain after a fall?

This could be a cause for concern especially if there is swelling or pain in the area. Check for any discoloration or soreness around the heel. If the pain persists or causes you to major discomfort, then call your physician.

Can an STD cause a swollen testicle?

gonorrhea- must get meds

What is the cause of arm swelling hand swelling hurting at wrist?