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When you say not start, do you mean doesn't crank or does nothing when the key is turned? BClear. There are several things; let me start with some simple ideas. First, always describe the details associated w a problem: The smells, the sounds, the circumstances (only in cold wx, only w the AC on, etc), that makes diagnosis much easier. Common starting problems: Too much load on the electrical system. Caused by faulty Alternator, old spark plugs or spark cables. Try turning off extra accessories and see if this helps. Bad fuel pump or clogged filter. Failing EGR or PCV valve. Many people overlook the (usually) simple task of changing the $3 part, the PCV valve; this can affect starting, especially in cold weather and will allow you to start the car, but then it will die. EGR is similar, but affects more than just starting. The PCV tends to be ok after warmup. Everything on a car works together: I've seen a simple OIL CHANGE or AIR FILTER CHANGE, or fuel filter change make a car start better. Also there could always be a malfunctioning sensor, you can test this w a mechanic's help, or buy buying an OBDII code-checker at a store. Hope it helps! Titus 3:5

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Q: What could cause a car to not stay started?
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What would cause the battery light in a car to stay on when started but when turned off and on again it does not stay on?

The alternator is failing.

Could a bad electronic flasher cause a light to stay on even with the car off?

You might have a bulb that is burnt out which will cause your signal light or even tail light to stay on

What is the problem when your car turns over is getting fuel and won't stay started when you take your foot off the accelerator?

it could be the throttling positioning sensor

My Car headlights stay on when car is switched off?

They stay on cause they runnin off the battery. there should be a car headlights switch somewhere by your spedometer stuff...

What could cause your car to start up but not stay running?

On a 2004 Buick Lesabre it could be a faulty (MAP) Sensor, Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor. The car could start, run and drive, and when you shut it off it will crank but not start up again.

What cause your car to run hot minutes after you crank it up?

A car running hot after it has been started could be blown head gaskets. The thermostat may also need to be replaced.

What would cause no start condition?

on what year wellif it has an immobilizer it could be an antana prblem check see if the immobilizer light comes on its an amber light looks like a car with key on it if is immobilized ignition light should come on when key is on and stay on till started

What would cause a car to when first started barely stay running hit the gas and the RPMs shoot up and its all over the place?

bad throttle position indicator or tpi

Why Car will only stay started for 3 seconds then cut off?

You probably broke it.

Would the pivot bearing stop the car from going into gears once the car is started?

The pivot bearing can cause your car from going into gear, once the car is started. The pivot bearing is located in the transmission.

Why do head lights stay on when car is off?

There are many reasons why a head light would stay on when car is off. These lights could be automatic.

Could the expansion tank cause the car to overheat?

Yes it could

Could a fuse problem cause your 1999 Chrysler LHS not want to start?

When my 99 LHS wouldn't start I got my starter changed and the car started.

What could be the cause of a car squealing in multiple pitches for about 5 to 10 seconds when started at all temperatures?

The belts are loose or warn out,or its the bearings in the idlear pulley

Could a lot of rain cause your car to overheat?


Your car ran out of gas and now it will only stay started for 2 seconds then it dies What could be the possible problems?

Well, if your car ran out of gas, it is NOT going to run very good. Here's a hint..........PUT MORE GAS IN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What could cause my 1994 Lexus ES300 to smoke all the time heaviest at start up the oil looks good and level is OK car runs fine other than the smoke?

You could be burning your coolent. Has your car started to over heat.

Why was the electric car invented?

The electric car was invented so the earth can stay alive and healthy, meaning we humans stay alive 'cause of all the healthy trees and plants.

Could old spark plugs cause a car not to start?

yes they could

What does it mean when your car will start but won't stay started And the engine symbol is light up on the dashboard?

Depending on the year of your vehicle it could be the factory immobilizer. What is the year make and model of the vehicle?

What would cause my car to stop idling if I stay on the gas it will stay running also noticed started to loose fuel mileage and running hotter?

There are a few things that can cause this. Im assuming your check engine light is on so that's the easiest way to figure it out. But it could be anything from ignition coils/spark plugs/spark plug wires to faulty oxygen sensor or throttle body, depending on the car the piece that controls the throttle timing, sometimes they get gunked up and stuck open or closed.

What could cause a noise when your car bounces?

Possibly loose objects or parts in the car

What could cause your car to idol high and run rough?

A vacuum leak can cause that.

How an Inexperience driver cause a collision?

They could swerve into somebody's car and cause a collision

Can bad gas cause your car to misfire?

Contaminated fuel could cause a misfire.