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The idle air control valve; may not be operating properly.It is operated from the computer, by electric impulses; it works to control the amount of air needed for idle engine speed; its a cone shaped,tip on a shaft that ,moves in and out of a hole to control idle speed, by adjusting the amount of air to the engine: when shifting ,it take a little more power than, just plain idle; so you may have to clean the passage or the unit or change the idle control valve. it on the throttle body. 2 small screws hold it in place.(allen).

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Q: What could cause a car to shut off when shifting to reverse?
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why won't truck shift into reverse or fifth when running or shut off?

There can be many reason that will prevent a transmission from shifting into a particular gear. The most common reason is the transmission gear is worn smooth.

What would cause a Chevrolet Celebrity to shut off when trying to start it?

It could be out of gas.

What would cause a 1993 dodge caravan to stop shifting while driving and reset when it is stopped shut off and restarted?

The transmission computer has detected a malfunction. You need to have it checked for codes.

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Your headlights will not shut off on a 99 dodge Dakota what could cause this and how can you fix it?

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What would cause a Daewoo lanos to shut down when it get hot?

Could be a coil or ICM, Ignition Control Module.

What would cause your Nissan to just shut off?

The overheat of the engine. You could find some information on Wikipedia.

Have a 2003 Cadillac cts and the wipers will not shut off What could cause that?

Loose ground or pulse board failure.

What would cause vw beetle door not shut properly?

the floor pan could be sagging due to rot around the heater channel. common cause.

What could cause a 1999 Dodge Caravan to shut off while driving?

There are several complications that can cause a 1999 Dodge Caravan to shut off while driving. Most common issues include ignition problems or fuel delivery problem.

What sensor in 2002 Jeep Cherokee will shut off motor?

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Will a bad timing belt cause the engine to shut off while driving sometimes?

A bad timing belt could make the engine shut down but it would only happen once, not sometimes.

Why can't i select reverse gear on my 1969 VW Beetle?

You have one of three problems: the clutch is misadjusted, the shift coupler has gone bad or the transmission has gone bad. The first thing I want you to do is to go to a deserted straight road, stop your car and shut your engine off WHILE YOU'RE IN THE ROAD!!! Set your handbrake and try putting the car in reverse. Does the shift feel good? Or does it feel like you're shifting in a bowl of mush? If your shifting is mushy, that's the shift coupler. Once you get the trans in reverse, make sure no one's coming and try starting the car. If the trans really is in a working reverse gear, it'll jerk around while it's starting and then it'll start going backward. (Which is why you don't want other cars coming toward you!) If you have a good shift coupler and you can't get it in reverse while you're shut off, take the car to a VW mechanic and have the trans looked at; you may need a new one.

Could a rough road cause a fuel cut off switc to cut out on a 1998 grand marquis?

a rough road can cause the fuel shut off switch to turn off

What causes the motor to shut off when at a stop or going in reverse?

Bad clutching? Idle adjustment

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What makes 95 olds cutless idle okay but the shut down when applying gas?

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