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What could cause a distributor to go out on a 1994 Acura Integra?


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2006-04-28 13:01:35
2006-04-28 13:01:35

sometimes pulling the battery cable works but your better off going to autozone or advance auto parts they will scan the on board diagnostics or O.B.D as its refered to and this tells whats wrong with the car to cause the light to come on most likely a bad sensor then they erase the codes. code reading is free the parts to repair are not.


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what model is ur integra? it could be a integra ls tranny or u have a integra gsr that comes with a gsr tranny

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could not be getting spark our gas our timing belt no good

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The top control arm bushings are likely candidates.

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Water pump, Radiator, thermostat, low coolant, blown head gasket, busted hose. Could be one or all but I would check these first.

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