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Turned out to be a bad earth in the engine compartment. I had degreased the engine and knocked out some of the crud around the earthing point. The earthing wire was subsequently loose. Got an electrical fault? CHECK ALL THE EARTH CONNECTIONS FIRST!!! I had checked all the switches, relays and connectors I could get at before checking the earth connections...

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Q: What could cause a fault in a 1989 Pintara wagon that causes the speedo and headlights to stop working and the indicators to light up and noise from computer box when turning on highbeam?
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When was Nissan Pintara created?

Nissan Pintara was created in 1986.

How do you change a thermostat on a 1990 Nissan pintara?

how to change a thermostat on a 1990 Nissan pintara

One of your low beam headlights and your tail lights don't work on your 1986 Nissan pintara wagon The fuses are fine any idea whats wrong?

Take it to an auto electrician, they will test and diagnose the source.

Can you get a body kit for a 1987 Nissan Pintara?


How do you change a timing belt on a Nissan pintara 91 2.4l?

2.4 Lt pintara has not got timing belt, it is a chain. They only 2.0Lt has got timing belt

How do you remove a idler pulley from a 97 Nissan pickup?

is it a pintara

How do I Remove the back seat from a Nissan pintara 1990?


How to find Diagram for Nissan pintara steering rack?

To find a diagram for your Nissan Pintara steering rack, consult the owner's manual. You can also find the diagram at different auto part stores.

Where is the computer located in a 1987 Nissan Pintara Wagon so you can run a diagnostic test?

The computer is behind the left hand passengers side kick pannel. Remove the pugs, undo the screws and the pannel will pull away. Hopefully this helps! :D

The left light on your pintara has stopped working globes OK fuse OK no power to wire at light Help?

If the left light on your Pintara has stopped working, but the globes and fuses are okay, the wire may have a problem which causes it to lose power. To determine the problem, trace the wire to check for a break.

How do you replace brakes on a Nissan?

anything special i need to do to change rear pads on 89 pintara wagon (discs)

How do you reset the computer to clear codes in a Nissan Pintara?

unhook the positive battery cable wait 5 minutes hook back up codes cleared This will work on some vehicles, especially up until 1995. After that one some vehicles, the only way to reset the computer is with an OBD 2 scan tool. If you do not repair the problem then the computer will store a new code, and the light will come back on.

Whats the color code of a burgandy 1991 Nissan pintara?

color code will be written on id plate on door or sill

Where is the temperature switch on a Nissan Pintara?

If its a CA20E engine, you will find it on top of the inlet manifold at the front, it has a blade type fitting on top...

How do you replace the drivers side CV shaft on a 1990 U12 Nissan pintara?

Take a huge poo on your bonnet that should fix it !!haha

What is wrong with the wiring harness connected to your computer in your 1989 Nissan Pintara if the engine starts to run better if you jiggle the wires a bit?

You Either have a Broken wire or a bad connecion from your wiring harness to your ECU Recommend removing plug and testing wires for continuity and or voltage also check harness connection

Do you need a special tool to change the rear brake pads on a 1988 Nissan Pintara wagon rear wheel drive?

It is rentable at a lot of parts stores.They should show you how to use it.

Where is the Brake light switch Nissan pintara 1988?

There is no switch to activate or deactivate the brake lights on a 1988 Nissan. The brake lights automatically turn on any time the brakes are pressed.

How do you i remove the steering wheel off a 1991 Nissan pintara?

Does it have airbags ? If not the centre of the steering wheel will have a removable badge or logo, remove this and you will see a nut that needs to be loosened with a wrench/socket

What is the firing order on the distributor cap for a Nissan Pintara?

Going clockwise from the line on the dizzy cap which should be located about 11 o'clock on the dizzy cap. in1, ex4, in2, ex3, in4, ex1, in3, ex2.

How do i find where to put the brake fluid on an 1987 Nissan pintara?

You can find where you need to put the brake fluid on a 1987 Nissan by lifting your hood. The brake fluid reservoir is in the engine compartment, on the drivers side, attached to the master cylinder.

What is the torque power for a 1990 Nissan Stanza?

143 lb ft of torque for the 1990 model. 148 lb ft of torque for the 1991-1992. Of the Stanza models, the 1992 is widely considered the closest to a fwd version of the 240sx benefiting in large part by the later refinements to engine/transmission dynamics. As such, these vehicles were highly successful in other counties, where driving conditions warranted that type of power/torque to be directed to the front wheels. Of the 240sx/Silvia and the Stanza/Pintara, the Stanza/Pintara was the more popular and sold in higher numbers when compared on a world platform.

What is the correct tire pressure for a 1989 Nissan pintara?

Most cars from 1990-2000 take 30-33 psi(pounds per square inch.) But to be on the safe side,either check on the sidewall of the tire or the side of the door jam.

What is the firing order for a 1989 Nissan pintara gli?

firing order 1-3-4-2. clockwise it goes,in 1,ex4,in2,ex3,in4,ex1,in3,ex2,in meaning inlet side & ex meaning exhaust side

How do you remove a 1988 Nissan Pintara door panel to repair the lock?

Hey Joe==First take out all of the screws you can find. Then remove all 0f the retainers on the outer edge of the panel. This requires a special tool to pull them out Some don't have them on the top and bottom. GoodluckJoe