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If you take the left front wheel off and the outer casing of the four wheel drive hub and see missing bearings, then it is the wheel bearing. If the bad bearing is in the part that you removed, the hub locker, then it will require replacement. I am Wrestling with a bad wheel bearing & hub now myself, on a 93 Tracker 4wd. I need a place to buy parts. I can't find the hub anywhere. I found my new replacement wheel hub @ Autozone. $96.00 + tax.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-18 12:01:07
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Q: What could cause a grinding noise from the left front wheel on a 1995 Geo Tracker?
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1994 jeep grinding noise?

Front grinding could be a bad wheel bearing or in the front axle assembly.

What would cause a grinding or rattling sound when accelerating from a stop or when turning?

if its a front wheel drive vehicle then it could be the axels

Why does your grand Cherokee limited make grinding noise when you accelerate?

A worn front wheel bearing could cause a Grand Cherokee Limited to make a grinding noise when you accelerate. There could also be a problem with one of the shafts.

What would cause a grinding noise in the front of a 1990 Dodge Caravan?

The grinding noise in the front of a 1990 Dodge Caravan could be a cv joint. If it is, it probably only grinds when you take a sharp turn. There is one located on each side.

What can cause a grinding noise in your front wheels while moving?

A small child

What could cause a grinding sound when turning?

Either you tire is rubbing or if its a front wheel drive it could be you "CV" axle's... Other than that i don't know i hope that helps?

What could cause a brief front end grinding or scraping noise after backing a 2005 Explorer out and starting forward?

a bad brake caliper or pad.

What is the cause of a grinding noise that appears in the right front wheel of a vehicle after hitting a kerb?

have it checked you could have bent the axle and the noise would be the bearing

Why does your brake light on your 2004 tracker keep coming on and it just started making a horrible grinding noise what could this be?

The grinding noise is the brakes pads proably the noise is in the front. The front brake pads are easy to replace and is a do it yourself sort of thing. My guess is your brake light is coming on because of this condition. I assume your brake light has been coming on for a little while now.

What is front grinding?

Front grinding is when you and your partner's sexual organs are grinding together. It is more risky than back to front grinding because in front grinding the male's genitals tend to go inside the female's vagina. It is basically having real sex with clothes on.

What would cause a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado to make a grinding noise from front the front of the truck at low speeds if the brake pads are OK?

the noise could be coming from either a bad wheel bearing or something wrong in front axle.

Grinding noise coming from left front wheel?

i have a grinding noise on the front left wheel. i have taken the calipa off and i have one brake pad that is shot. could it be that or can it still be the bearing. how can i find out.

What could be a loud grinding noise coming from the front end of a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

Could be the brakes are gone or it could be a hub and bearing assembly about to fall off the front of your car.

What is the cause of a grinding noise that appears in the front end of a vehicle after hitting a pothole?

Most likely a bad axle

What would cause a grinding noise when making a hard right turn?

If its front wheel drive possibly an axle.

What would cause the humming and grinding in my left front wheel on my 2002 dodge Dakota 4x4?

Wheel bearing?

What causes Right front tire area to make deep grinding sound making an extreme righ turn?

Have your brakes checked, rust or wear on brakes can cause grinding when turning.

What would cause a slight grinding noise in front left tire area in 2003 Mazda protege?

The break pad.

What would cause 2001 Ford Windstar brakes to pump and make grinding noise?

Diod you check front brake pads

What would cause a vibrating and grinding sound on a front wheel drive van?

Bad wheel bearing or defective brake pads.

What would cause a squeaky grinding dry rubber noise on bends that seems ok in a straight line from the front of a 1997 Neon?

your front cv boot is tore. Replace this.

How do you replace rotors on a 2004 Chevy Tracker?

How do you change the front rotors on a 2004 Chevy tracker

What could a grinding noise under the left hand side front of fiat punto mean?

had the same issue, an it was a wheel bearing

Anyone make a locker for front of Geo Tracker?

Trail Tough now has a Lock Right front locker available for the Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick. Go to their Products then Tracker/Sidekick section.

What would cause a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel to the right in a ford transit?

most grinding noises that come from turning is usually a cv axle that needs to be replaced. Can also be a bad wheel bearing. If you hear the grinding when turning to the right then the left front wheel bearing is bad.