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It could be your job (the way you have to tilt your head or work on a computer all day) or it's the way you are sleeping. Many pillow companies swear by having the best pillow ever and believe me, I've tried them all. What I ended up doing is going to the a medical pharmacy and bought a roll of foam that is encased in a blue material with zipper so it can be washed. You take the roll and place it inside at the long end of your pillow. Be sure you sleep on that end of the pillow. This gives your neck great support. If you are really pain I suggest you go to a Chinese Herbalist as they have a fantastic herbal poultis that takes the pain away in less than a day. I was in awe. 10 years ago I got some type of virus and couldn't move my neck and that's what the Chinese Herbalist gave me. I was so pleased I went back and got too more for fear the pain would come back. Acupuncture is also a good form of getting rid of pain. Try getting that roll for your pillow. Works wonders!

2006-09-10 07:26:00
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Q: What could cause a hard knot behind the left ear that contributes to extreme headaches and severe neck pain and makes it difficult to sleep due to the pressure on the head and neck area?
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