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if you have an electrical fuel pump can sometimes do that

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โˆ™ 2006-08-31 10:36:24
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Q: What could cause a knocking come clicking sound under the dashboard without the engine started and just the electrics on?
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1990 buick century with 2.5 engine and 4 cylinder started clicking or knocking sound then stalled wont turn on anymore what could it be?

you might have slung a rod.

What causes a clicking under the dashboard on Subaru Outback?

I just had this happen- I disconnected the battery to try and reset the ECU, and when I plugged it back the clicking started. Apparently it was the remote door lock- just try unlocking/locking your car a few times and see if that helps.

When was Dashboard Confessional founded?

Dashboard Confessional started out in 1999, and, to present, is still together.

Why is your 98 passat making a clicking sound from the front right when you turn and now has started clicking while coasting?

Look at the half shaft.

Your car is making a clicking sound that seems to be coming from the dashboard It sounds like the turn signal but they are not on Could this be something in the ignition It is a 2002 Malibu?

I've just started having this problem too on my 2002 Malibu. I have found a lot of intermitted turn signal issues, especially for the 2000-01 Malibu, but I am still searching for info on the clicking (turn signal) sound from the dash.

What does the lightning symbol on a car dashboard mean?

The ignition is on (should go off when the car is started)

Will the knocking stop after oil is put in Motor started knocking oil was low?

yes. Depending on how long the engine was allowed to run low on oil, it may have suffered serious damage which would shorten it's life span.

I forgot to check my oil in my 2000 Honda civic and it started knocking I turned off the engine as soon as i heard it I put 2 quarts of oil in it but the knocking is still there but only at high rpms?

It sounds like you threw a Rod

How can you get a Pokemon mmorphg on Pokemon world online com?

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What would happen if the electrics fail on the Peugeot 306 1.6 XR?

All the lights would go out. Also the radio would turn off. Also you wouldn't get the car started.

What causes high pitched squealing under passenger side dashboard when car is first started?

usually loose belts.

92 silverado 2500 started knocking in the engine and your oil gauge got low It has full oil in it why is that?

your oil pump could have gone bad or you have a restriction in the flow like a clogged oil filter. needless to say if it is knocking it may have caused major dammage

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