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if you have an electrical fuel pump can sometimes do that


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I just had this happen- I disconnected the battery to try and reset the ECU, and when I plugged it back the clicking started. Apparently it was the remote door lock- just try unlocking/locking your car a few times and see if that helps.

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I've just started having this problem too on my 2002 Malibu. I have found a lot of intermitted turn signal issues, especially for the 2000-01 Malibu, but I am still searching for info on the clicking (turn signal) sound from the dash.

The ignition is on (should go off when the car is started)

yes. Depending on how long the engine was allowed to run low on oil, it may have suffered serious damage which would shorten it's life span.

by going to that site and clicking getting started on the left.

All the lights would go out. Also the radio would turn off. Also you wouldn't get the car started.

your oil pump could have gone bad or you have a restriction in the flow like a clogged oil filter. needless to say if it is knocking it may have caused major dammage

Uhh. As hot as it can get outside if not hotter. There was a point when i was living in Phoenix that some of the plastic on my dashboard started to melt.

It could be a starter problem....can you tell where the click is coming from? is it the started clicking, or a relay clicking?

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It all depends on the nature of the 'knocking':Cheap gas - light rattle during acceleration indicating 'pre-ignition' is happening.light knocking all around the engine -low / expired engine oilLow oil pressure - plugged filter to failing oil pumpHard knocking - could be a piston coming lose and banging on the side of the cylinder walls - not good(!)Way too many variables to diagnose over the internet.Have the car inspected by a good, reputable mechanic

Hi Its because your electrics are about to conk out, the next thing will be the central locking !!! This is how mine started, costs a fortune to put right !!!

Started with turning right now it's while driving and it's not a constant noise. Just started today

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it means you havent started you car, part of the motor-starter-block for anti theft.

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When you accelerate. you are putting presure on the main engine barrens. if they are going bad. You will hear this knocking sound. I don't know how many miles you have on this engine. But that's what it sounds like. But that's not all that can make this sound. You will have to tell more about it and when it started. Did it just start all at once? or did it start and then get louder?

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