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Could be a clogged catalytic converter, rotor cap is bad, fuel filter is clogged, fuel pump dying.

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Why do atoms exhibit line spectra?

Electron transitions are the cause of spectra.

What can cause 2003 Kia Spectra to misfire when taking off and lose power when driving and cause check engine light to come on?

bad ignition timing.

What can cause engine loss of power going uphill?

the tilting of the bike causes the floats in the carburator to rise wich cuts off the fuel intake

How does electron structure of the atom and emission spectra explain the color of various fireworks?

Electron transitions are the cause of emission spectra; lines in these spectra have different wavelenghts and colors.

Do running uphill cause weight loss or tone your body?


Why does a 90 Honda Civic DX overheat when the air conditioning is on or going uphill?

1. You need to check and be sure that the cooling fans are working.2. Incorrect ignition timing can cause excessive heat especially underheavy load like when going uphill.3. lean fuel mixture may also cause overheating. make sure yourfuel filter is replaced regularly as this may cause restriction in yourfuel system.

If an 100 amp fuse is replaced by an 80 amp fuse will it cause the check engine light to come on?

No, this is not monitored.

Will a fuel filter turn your check engine light on?

A clogged or defective fuel filter will very likely cause a check engine light. If it is suspected, it should be replaced.

Can a loose thermostat cause check engine light to appear?

It is possible. A more likely cause is the gas cap was replaced incorrectly or left off after getting gas

1998 Dodge Stratus coolant leaking from engine?

There are many things that can cause: to leak from an automobile engine. The most common reason is a water hose that needs to be tightened or replaced.

Can a oil filter cause smoking under the engine?

Yes, if it is leaking or if when it was replaced, oil leaked onto the exhaust or exhaust manifold.

What does A broken oil engine dipstick causes?

A broken engine dipstick should not cause anything or have an effect on anything. A broken dipstick will make it impossible to check the engine oil and should be replaced as soon as possible.

What can cause your 1984 Bronco II to have low power uphill?

try changing the fuel filter

On a 1999 SW2 Saturn what kind of symptoms would I see if the timing chain needed replacing?

A timing chain, that needs to be replaced, can cause your engine to run rough and lose power. A broken timing chain can cause significant engine damage.

Could something be stuck open to cause a temp gauge not to register cause the fuses have been replaced and also could this cause the check engine light to come on?

Most likely, the temperature gauge's connection is loose. It is usually on the thermostat. An inoperative temperature gauge will cause most check engine lights to come on.

What could cause the cooling fan to not work after the thermostat was replaced in a 1992 Ford Escort?

There is an engine temperature sensor that operates the cooling fan.

What can cause a car to over heat?

Well a possibility is a problem with the radiator, either it needs to be fixed, replaced, or has no radiator fluid in it to cool the engine.

What will cause the spark plugs to arc on the engine block have replaced all ignition parts?

check that your sparkplugs are not cracked and that your wires are fully on your plugs

What causes Jeep Cherokee engine to whistle when cold?

A gasket could be the cause of a Jeep Cherokee engine to whistle when it's cold. Check the throttle body gasket to see if it needs to be replaced.

What could cause a no voltage at the plug primary sidefeeding the coil I have replaced the starter relay Engine turns over Ignition switch was replaced last month shut off and would not restart?

What type of vehicle is this?

What causes loss of power uphill on 1995 Chevy pick up?

Could be a restricted exhaust system such as a damaged catalytic converter. A dirty fuel filet could also cause that condition. If the check engine light comes on, check for codes. They may help lead you to the cause.

1995 Explorer overheated and blew head gasket so engine replaced new thermostat and catalytic converter but still overheats and has very little power Cannot even go uphill without overheating Why?

did you replace radiator hoses i have seen hoses collapse and cause overheating while driving and radiator could be clogged. also did you bleed your cooling system according to owners manual

If you replaced a catalytic converter on a 1996 Nissan pickup with a smaller one would this cause the service engine light to come on?

If it is not speced correct for it then, yes.

What cause engine to not accelerate while driving?

Fuel pump going out throttle body needs replaced air fuel mixture not set right.

What causes ticking sound in a 1997 dodge ram engine?

Normally loose tappets will cause a ticking sound in the engine. Depending on if you have mechanical or hydraulic tappets you may need to have them replaced or simply adjusted.

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