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There are a variety of possibilities. A misfire is the lack of one or more of the following : Fuel, Spark or Compression in one or more cylinders. A timing belt or chain that has skipped a tooth is a rare but possible reason for lack of compression sequence. More likely is the lack of spark and or fuel. A spark plug, ignition wire, coil pack, module can all cause a misfire. Wet ignition wires can cause this, corroded connections. A faulty fuel injector can cause a misfire. There are more possibilities. Post what you find when you do figure it out. Answer Here is how I do it. The previous post was correct about the compression....if the timing chain is off though, it's off for all cylinders not just the one. This makes timing the least like cause. This generally leaves two other sources...spark and gas. Generally, if it's misfiring on only one cylinder, it is almost always spark. Here is how I figure it out. First thing I do is look under the hood at night. Most of the time, a misfire is caused by a faulty spark plug wire and in the darkness, you can see the spark jumping to some metal object. Of course you can also run your hand along the wires and they will let you know if the spark is leaving the wires, but that's my least favorite way to tell. :-) (Maybe get a person you don't like much to try that method for you!) The next thing I try is to find out which cylinder is misfiring and check to make sure the plug wire is actually delivering a spark to the cylinder. I do this by removing the spark plug and placing it on a metal object to ground the part where the threads on the spark plug are. You can also do this with a short wire with two alligator clips on it. After doing that, start the car and make sure you see a spark jump through the gap on the spark plug. If there is a spark, look toward the fuel injector, if not, then switch plug wires with another cylinder temporarily to make sure the plug wire doesn't have a short. If there is still no spark, the problem is more than likely a coil. You can test the coil for that cylinder with an ohm meter, but I don't know what the ohms are off the top of my head.

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Q: What could cause a misfire on a 1998 Grand Prix?
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Could fuel injectors cause a misfire on 1998 jeep grand Cherokee?

Yes they can, if one or more are either stuck open or not working at all it will cause a misfire.

Why does Engine misfire on cyl 6 1998 merc grand marquis?

Could be a bad coil, plug, or injector. Start with the coil first.

What does service code P0300 mean on a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

P0300 = random misfire. Could be as simple as needing a tune up.

What can cause a multiple cylinder misfire diagnostic code on a 1998 Toyota Avalon the spark plugs and cables were just changed?

Theres three coil packs; one fires two cylinders. I suppose if one is bad then it could cause the two corresponding to misfire. I had one cylinder misfire, it turned out to be the fuel injector.

1998 grand marquis misfire 4-cylinder?

Auto Zone will check your computer codes FREE... No more guessing on what problem is. It could be a bad spark plug or wire.

1998 Ford Explorer 4wd 4.0 SOHC and would it cause the truck to misfire pop and smoke?

This could be bad spark plugs or plug wires

1998 Grand Cherokee runs rough when gas is pressed?

Misfire? Due for a tune up? Check engine light on?

What causes Misfire on Nissan Frontier 1998?

its a Nissan for starters but it could be the plug wires or the plugs or the distributor

What would cause cylinder 2 to misfire in a 1998 Oldsmobile Integra?

Check the spark plug and the plug wire. If that isn't the problem then check compression. You could also have a bad fuel injector.

Could a rough road cause a fuel cut off switc to cut out on a 1998 grand marquis?

a rough road can cause the fuel shut off switch to turn off

What can cause irregular firing Pontiac 3.8 engine?

I've had a problem with my O2 sensor and air filter causing my 1998 firebird to misfire.

You have a bad misfire on the right side of your 1998 Ford Explorer what would cause that?

Bad coil, wire, plug. Fouled plug, vacuum leak.

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