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an infection could cause the child to peel and have a rash.

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Q: What could cause a rash and peeling skin on child's vagina?
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What causes bumps on the bottom of your tongue and vagina?

A disease that can cause bumps on the bottom of your tongue and in the vagina could be syphilis.

What are the dangers of putting pens in your vagina?

You could lose the pens inside your vagina or physically injure yourself. You could also cause a bacterial infection.

What could cause a swollen female vagina after being spade?

could be infection, or just postoperative swelling.

What could cause a girl to bleed out of her vagina?

Either you took her virginity or she's on her period.

Why does your vagina itch during pregnancy?

your vagina will itch as cause it is getting use to you being pregenant or it just could be an itch that is really bad.

What can cause pain in vagina during intercourse?

Pain in the vagina could be a sign of endometriosis, cystitis, or other conditions. Please see your doctor.

Can you get sick from your husbands Urine in your vagina?

Yes this could cause minor infections and nasty diseases.

Is it safe to stick stuff up a girls vagina?

No it could cause an infection.

What can cause the skin on your penis to peel?

Peeling skin isn't a sign of an STD, but it deserves and exam. The cause could be psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis, or other skin conditions.

Help ASAP ripped inside of vagina while waxing?

Go to a doctor. It could cause an infection.

What could be the cause of vaginal ache that spreads to hips?

The cause could be that continuing to keep your hips and vaginal area at different elevations while lying down could cause a pain or 'ache' to start in the vagina and spread to the hips.

What can cause four bumps around my vagina?

This Could Be A Sign Of An Std. Seek Medical Help As Soon As Possible.

Could you get a girl pregnant if your penis is only in for 10 seconds?

Any insertion of penis into vagina could cause a pregnancy if all other factors are right. If any sperm was emitted whilst the penis was inside the vagina then there is a possibility she could become pregnant.

What rhymes with the phrase that feeling?

You could do "that": Healing, dealing, ceiling, or peeling.

If Skin is peeling and etchy on penis with no pain what could it be?

clean it bro

You haven't had your period this month. You have slight bleeding from the vagina. Your back and breasts hurt. What could cause it?

Happen? well if there is blood coming from the vagina then you may have been pregnant, but the child is lost.

What if you urinate in a womans vagina during sexual intercourse?

Urinating into a woman's vagina could cause some serious complications for her. First, your urine is composed of waste products from your body that could cause irritation to the sensitive tissues in her vagina. Second, if you have any type of urinary tract or sexually transmitted infection, even if you're asymptomatic, you can transmit it to her. Thirdly, there is no valve or barrier between a woman's vagina and the inside of he peritoneal cavity (her abdomen). If you were to urinate inside her, it is possible the urine could travel up her vagina, into her uterus, through her fallopian tubes, and into her abdomen and cause some serious, possibly life threatening, infections.

What could be the cause of an itchy painful swollen dry vagina with no discharge?

A yeast infection. It can clear by itself or you can get meds from the pharmacy.

Why does sperm cause a burning sensation in vagina?

It could be that you are allergic to it. Some women are allergic to the protein in semen. See your doctor about it.

Is there something wronge when the vagina is very dry and peeling?

Since this is not normal you should consult your doctor. Peeling and dryness of the skin can occur due to bacterial infection, dry atmosphere, wearing thongs for prolonged period of time, chaffing or could be due to using certain bathing products. Your doctor will be able to give you the most professional opinion.

Does amoxicillin give you dry peeling burning skin?

Amoxcilin is an antibiotic...antibiotics can cause side effects, but it could be something else... its hard to be sure untill you see a doctor.

What could could cause a rash and peeling of skin on the face?

There is a few things that could cause this, and sometimes its good as all your dead skin is coming away but maybe have you change your makeup facecream? this could be causing it or have you been going on the sunbeds or been on holiday this could also cause it. I love it when my face peels makes me feel so soft after. but if it is irritating you or hurting id go to your local Dr.

What could be wrong if the skin on your hands is peeling in between your fingers on top of your fingers and on the sides and on your palms and you're not peeling anywhere else on your body?

go to the hospital

What could be the diagnosis to theses symptoms Uveitis peeling hands and feet?


Can you get pregnant by a guy touching his penis then fingering you?

If any semen gets on his fingers and is put into the vagina then yes it could cause a pregnancy.