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Bent wheel, or worn suspension parts. I'm guessing it is the cv joints and/or stabilizer bar

While I own a Chevy Lumina , I haven't had this particular thing happen to it, However I have had it happen in domestic and foreign before. there are many things that can cause your vehicle to shake.

Tire Balance: Did you have them balanced when you had them replaced? Some companies now charge extra.

CV Joints a broken CV joint will cause the tire to "wobble" Most of the time there will be a distinct clicking as you are turning coners..but by no means is that a rule.

)if you suspect it to be a CV joint, get it to a mechanic pronto, not fixing a CV can lead to many more repairs such as a half axle or a whole new axle.) How is the suspension of your vehicle? Are your shocks/struts in good shape?

I hope that helps! Good luck on your car!

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Vibration in front of engine at idle 2004 Camry?

car run good but has a little vibration idle or running

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How do you know if the motor mount on a S-40 Volvo is bad?

You can feel the engine running inside the car not necessarily vibration but it can cause vibration but for sure you can feel the engine running at your foot.

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Your 1988 Chevy v6 auto has a vibration at idle and it becomes worse when placed in gear what is the problem?

For starters I would check out the vibration damper on the front of the engine. With the engine not running look at the rubber insulator between the center hub and the outer ring of the damper. If portions of the rubber are missing it can allow for vibration. Look at it while the engine is running, if it is wobbling around that could be the problem.

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What causes your 2004 expedition air to blow low while accelerating?

you have a control vacuum leak, listen for hissing noise under dash when engine is running.

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Is the car running ok? If yes and its only the vibration that's an issue most likely cause is motor mount(s)

My bajaj 180 is not running smooth.. some sort of vibration and knocking sound from engine when i change from 2 - 3 - 4.. can any body help me there's no pick up absoluletly.?

If a Baja 180 is not running smooth and there is little power, it might be a dead cylinder. It is possible that a piston is broken which would cause the knocking sound and vibration.

What causes your 2004 buick century to shutter when accelerating?

Not running on all cylinders? Check spark plugs and wires Do a compression test to see if one cylinder is dead

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