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It could be torsional vibration coming from the transmission. It would be a very good idea to take the car back to the dealer for them to look at.

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โˆ™ 2004-12-09 06:31:06
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Q: What could cause a vibration at interstate speeds on a 2004 Buick Lesabre after the tires were balanced and new wheels were put on?
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What will cause a vibration around 45 mph?

A tire not properly balanced. ------------------------------------ Are you car wheels all balanced properly? If not, an out of balance wheel can start to vibrate at certain speeds.

Why do I have a vibration in your silverado at around 25 mph?

Are you car wheels all balanced properly? If not, an out of balance wheel can start to vibrate at certain speeds.

What if your 1997 Dodge caravan has a vibration in the left front tire at speeds between 30-45mph?

vibration in a tire at certain speeds usually means that wheel needs balancing.while wheel is off car being balanced have it checked for out of round or any bulges in side walls

While driving how do i know my tires are not balance Do i hear noise from tires?

Usually you won't hear much more noise from a tire if it's not balanced, but you will feel a vibration when you get up to highway speeds. If you take it up to 60 or 70 mph and feel a vibration, you probably need to get them balanced.

What causes vibration on a 2001 Yukon at highway speeds?

Most likely its your tires. Could just need balanced. Or you might have uneven wear making it shimmy.

How is vibration cause?

When you are moving at higher speeds, it could need alignment (if it pulls one way) the wheels may need to be balanced, air accordingly to the tire needs. If it is stopped.. timing?

What would cause heavy vibration at higher speeds when not accelerating?

This question has been recategorized under "Car Shaking Problems." Vibrations at some speeds and not others could be caused by something as simple as a wheel not being balanced properly, or it could be caused by something more serious. Start by having your wheels balanced. Check other answers in the above category too.

What can cause a engine vibration on a 3.8 2000 mustang standard trans?

It is according to when you feel the vibration. If you have a vibration at higher speeds, your driveshaft could be out of balance. At lower speeds, you may actually have a cracked engine mount. Take it to a shop before it tears something up.

Are Terminal velocities balanced or unbalanced?

"Balanced" refers to forces, not to velocities or speeds. If an object is at terminal SPEED, the FORCES on it are balanced.

What would cause an engine vibration on a 1995 Toyota corolla The vibration happens at all speeds and at idle The vibration stops if the front of the car in lifted slightly by hand?

it cant do that because no one can stop a vibration only the earth could

Why is there a vibration in the steering wheel when I brake at high speeds?

Either your drums or rotors are out of round.

How do you stop the engine vibration in a 94 magna sedan?

This depends on a few things: If your vibration is happening at high speeds, get your wheel balance/roundness checked if this is happening at all speeds, check your alignment/steering if this is happening when slowing down, chances are that you need new brakes

Why does your 1994 ranger starve for gas at interstate speeds?

Clogged fuel filter or failing fuel pump.

What is the cause of a loud whining noise when a 2000 Buick LeSabre speeds up but stops when it slows down?

Bad wheel bearing.

What is wrong when 1997 pathfinder has the shakes when you drive it?

Need some more details. Vibration all the time? Only certain speeds, only when you accelerate, vibration in the steering wheel, in the whole vehicle?

Vibration on 1988 Honda accord when in drive?

if the vibration is on acell it could be a bad inner cv joint. if it is a freeway speeds it could be a wheel out of balance. if it there when your braking it could be a warp brake rotor.

What causes seat vibration at speeds in excess of 60mph?

We had this problem on one of our work trucks, ended up to be a bent rim.

Is it normal to have vibration in the dash after installing the front motor mount?

Because the mount is new and tight it may be transmitting the vibraion from another area. If the vibration is at certain speeds, may sure tires are not out of balance or out of round.

What would cause right front wheel noise in my 2003 buick lesabre?

Disc brake wear indicator is telling you brakes are worn very low. i had similar- with a vibration in steering wheel @ highway speeds... it turned out to be the engine belt tensioner causing it all. $380 w/ new ac compressor/ tensioner, later all taken care of

Vibration in a front wheel drive car speeds between 40 and 60?

you have a definete wheel bearing problem. have it replaced asap

Will a crankshaft from a 1977 305 Chevy block work in a 1974 350 Chevy block?

It will fit, but you might want to have the crank, rods, and pistons balanced first as there is a big difference in the weight of a 350 piston versus a 305 piston. Wouldn't want to get it all together and have a nasty vibration at certain speeds.

Why does the steering wheel on 2004 Toyota Camary wobble at low speeds and also can feel vibration in the car at high speeds?

Could be out of balance Tire may be worn and need replacement Could be a bent wheel

1996 Plymouth voyager 3.3 liter has a vibration at high speeds and a wobble at low speeds.?

My minivan was doing something very similar. Does the vibration/wobble stop when you let off the accelerator? Try coasting down a hill without touching the gas pedal; if the vibration stops when you let off and then starts again when you push on the gas pedal there's a good chance the vehicle has worn-out motor mounts. I was skeptical when my mechanic told me this, but after he replaced the mounts on my '92 Voyager 3.3 liter there was a huge improvement to the wobble/vibration that I had.

1992 lesabre feels like it is shifting in and out of gear at speeds around 35-40?

could be the transmission is low on fluid... could be the transmission is low on fluid...

Would needing the tires rotated cause your car to shake at high speeds?

No,but tires out of balance will cause this. Have them balanced and rotated.