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Open the driver side door, pull open the fuse door. Check the daytime running lights fuse. If blown replace with equialant fuse rate. If blows again, check all wiring running to lamps. My 96's daytime lights don't work due to wiring frying under the dash (past owner hooked his trailer brakes bais control into the DTRL wiring). Check the other answers too.

AnswerI have a '96 Sierra Z71 5.7L w/ 201k miles and I have the same problem w/ my running lights. I have asked my dad and our mechanic about the problem and if I remember correctly they said that there is some kind of computer module in the engine compartment that controls them, and that they can quit working. But, every once in a while, maybe every 3 or 4 months, my running lights will work for about a day then quit working again. I will talk to my mechanic a.s.a.p. and see if I cant help to clearify which computer module it is that could be the problem. AnswerCheck your emergency brake pedal. make sure it is all the way up if it is down just one click the day time running lamps will not come on. AnswerMy 2001 Sierra's Daytime running lights only come on when the transmission is in Drive or Reverse. Hard to check unless you can see their reflection in a chrome bumper, etc.

1996-99 Chevy trucks.There is a diode, located under the dash between the steering wheel and the radio, fastenen to the round dash bar. The bolt that holds it on, threads into the top of the bar, it is near impossible to get at with a wrench. It is a finned block of (usaully black) aluminum about 2 inches squared 3 inches long. I found a easy way to get it out. Looking up you will see two tabs bent holding the diode in a bracket, bend them out of the way( you may have to bend the bracket a little aswell) and with patience the diode will slide out of the bracket, then disconect the electrical plug-in. I have found that this is the main reason for day-time driving light failure

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Q: What could cause daytime running lights on a 1996 GMC Sierra to stop working?
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