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Did you pull a muscle? If not then you might have hurt it while working out, working, or running.

No. I do not recall any recent exertion and it is in my left arm. I can be sitting quietly and for no apparent reason this deep throbbing pain begins. It occurred last night and started again this a.m.

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What could cause intermittent hesitation in a car?

Intermittent hesitation in a car could be caused by many things. The fuel filter, the EFI, and spark plugs might be the cause. A loose wire can also cause this. Newer cars have many plugs and connectors that could have come loose.

What could cause the symptoms throbbing pain in left neck and upper back?

Anys cancer

What could be the cause of a throbbing bulge on the right side of the groin?

um it might be your testies..ever thought of that?

Could a hard fall causes muscle diseases?

No. But it can cause muscle damage.

What could cause a sharp stabbing intermittent pain in the left lower quadrant of abdomen?

Several things could be the cause of a sharp or stabbing, intermittent or constant, pain in the lower left quadrant of the abdomen. If it passes, it is likely to be harmless. If it persists, it could be diverticulitis, and intestinal obstruction, or, in women, an indication that an ovarian cyst is present.

What could cause skip in 1999 ford f 250 engine?

The Cam Position Sensor will sometimes cause an intermittent skip as it begins to fail.

What causes a throbbing pain in one spot on my head?

Throbbing pain in one spot of the head could be a headache. People being dehydrated is a leading cause of headaches. It is best to seek medical care if there is no relief at home because a headache could be a serious medical issue.

What could be the cause of throbbing temples without pain?

I am seaching online to find that out myself. I am having throbbing pain in only my left temple. I have been under a lot of stress, so I have related it to that. I hope you get an answer, because I am looking for one myself. Good luck!

What could cause an intermittent spark problem on your 86 iroc-z tpi car?

probably ignition control module failure

If a new fuel pump has been installed what other things could cause an intermittent starting problem in a 2000 Nissan Altima?

it could be the crank sensor as it is a problem for the altimas.

What could cause trobbing arm muscle pain?

pain in right arm

What causes throbbing pain in a third ear piercing?

Could be a sign of infection. You do not state if you have any other symptons.

Why is your abs light on and your blower motor intermittent on your 1995 Chevy truck?

There could be two separate problems. Check the blower motor resister, and the ABS sensors for problems that could cause this.

What could cause pain and heaviness in your arms?

Poor circulation is the most common cause of pain and heaviness in your arms. However, you also could have pulled a muscle.

Why is your ovaries throbbing?

A pain or a throbbing in the ovaries could be any number of things from a cyst to a tumor, or it could simply be due to ovulation. The only way to know for sure would be to consult with a medical professional.

What could cause tightness only in the upper left chest?

muscle strain or gas

Cause of pain from between your thigh going at the back side?

The cause of pain from between your thighs that moves to the back side could be a pulled muscle. This could also be cramping associated with the menstrual cycle or even a groin muscle tear.

What is the cause of intermittent motor vibration?

It could possible that you broke a motor mount. Depending on whether the vehicle takes any abuse or not. Or it may just be loose.

On a 1995 subaru impreza 1.8L could an inoperable EGR valve be the cause for an intermittent check engine light?

Yes, along with dozens of other things.

What could cause your left arm muscle to feel tingly?

can be warning of stroke/heart attack

What could be a chemical cause of fatigue in muscles?

Lactic acid that builds up in the muscle cells

What is an example of a sentence using the word intermittent?

As intermittent means occurring at irregular intervals, a possible sentence could be:Because of the rugged terrain, the signal from the telecommunications tower was intermittent, and the lost hikers had difficulty using their mobile phones to call for help.

What would cause a intermittent rattle on drivers side front sounds like coming from tire area?

it could be lose bolts, screws, brake pads or disks.

What can cause a sharp stabbing pain in lower left back?

Could be a muscle strain ... could be kidneys ... could be bone or nerve ... a doctor can diagnose it.

What would cause intermittent headlights on a f250?

This problem could be caused by a problem with your alternator. It may also be an electrical or wiring issue. It would probably be best to go to a mechanic to find and fix the specific cause in your case.