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I am not a doctor, but to me this sounds like it could be poor circulation in the legs. If swelling is also a symptom then it could be heart related. So many diseases and conditions can lead to poor circulation. A doctor should really be seen since this symptom can be a sign of something very serious. Best of luck.

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Could sexual rubbing of the male genital cause discoloration?

It shouldn't unless you are chafeing it and causing temporary redness.

What could cause an object at rest undergo change in motion?

Regardless of what the object is doing before the change, the only thing that can change its motion is force.

What could have cause the pen's motion?

The pen's motion could of been caused by a person pushing it or by gravity pulling it in one direction. Most pens are round which makes moving them very easy.

What could possibly cause a jerking motion in a car when it shifts gears?

Could be the gears slipping. Might need new gearbox.

What force could cause a moving object to stop?

Any force in the opposite direction to the object's motion.

What does pink discoloration in a cut lemon mean?

This could be a form of bacteria growing in the lemon of which could be cause from of puncture to the lemon like possible in shipment. This would be a bad LEMON. Don't use it as there is no such thing as pink lemons for lemonade.

The discoloration and decay of surface rock material is a result of?

Chemical and mechanical weathering causes the decay and some discoloration. Elements leached from other rocks could contribute to staining.

What could cause discoloration of the penis?

Usually it has something to do with chafing or some other skin issue. The best thing to use is one of those penis health cremes that are on the market nowadays. They are made specifically for the penis skin and treat discoloration, rashes, chafing, dryness etc. They are very helpful. Good luck.

What is a cause of a tsunamis?

A tsunami is a large ocean wave caused by sudden motion on the ocean floor. This sudden motion could be an earthquake, powerful volcanic eruption, or an underwater landslide.

What happens to the pen what could have cause the pen's motion?

A change in velocity - for example, a motion when there was no previous motion - occurs if an unbalanced force is applied to an object.

What could be the cause of a dog constantly chewing and licking the same spot on her front leg knee area?

allergy or she rubbed it against something that irritated it. Go to the vet if dog is chewing on it, this is serious

Why do surface waves cause the most damage?

One type of s-wave causes rocking motion while the other creates rolling motion. the waves could cause one part of a building to go up while the other part go down.

I'm still a virgin but the sperms are rubbed in my vagina can i get pregnant?

Yes, you could possibly.

What causes hives in dogs?

Allergy, could be from something external they layed or rubbed on, or could be food you are using, go to the vet

Could chewing on a hamsters cage cause him to lose hair on his nose?

Yes, it can do. My hamster rubbed thin the fur on her nose. It wont cause them much harm though, it will just be cosmetic. But keep an eye on the area in case the skin starts to look red or sore.

Should I see a doctor if I have heel pain after a fall?

This could be a cause for concern especially if there is swelling or pain in the area. Check for any discoloration or soreness around the heel. If the pain persists or causes you to major discomfort, then call your physician.

Can rubbing an animals face in their pee stop them from doing it again?

it will help, they don't like their face rubbed in their pee anymore than you would No it wont stop them but it could cause them both physical and psychological problems

What is a white skin discoloration on lips why would it feel numb also?

The white skin discoloration on the lips could be a symptom of the celiac disease. Patients suffering from the celiac disease usually feel numb because it kills the cells.

What are the ways motion can be described?

You could have rectilinear, circular, or rotational motion.

How are products used on animals?

depends on the product it could be injected or rubbed on or poured down the throat

If a perpetual motion machine could be but in real life could it be used to do work?

There is no answer to your question because a perpetual motion machine is impossible. If one could be built, its own motion would be considered work.

Weird sounds in a transmission?

Many issues could cause noises in a transmission. Start by checking the transmission fluid. Look for low fluid, discoloration or a burnt smell. Run a check of computer codes to show a possible transmission problem.

What causes a person to feel nauseous?

There are many things that can cause a person to feel nauseous. Pregnancy is one common cause. An upset stomach from something a person ate could make them feel that way. Motion sickness is another cause.

What if your dogs hip hurts when touched or rubbed?

He could have injured his hip in a fall or being hit by a vehicle, he could have arthritis......take him to the vet!

What word means the same as stroked?

Brushed, rubbed there's are all I could think of. Hope it helps. :)