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have u had the check engine light checked for the code? if not take it to auto-zone parts house and they check it free. also check for a vacuum leak

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โˆ™ 2008-10-08 04:13:26
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Q: What could cause erratic idling and vibration at low speeds and during acceleration on a 2001 Dodge Ram the check engine light is also on?
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Your 1996 civic99civic engine shakes violently only during acceleration and stops when not your rear engine mount has found to be cracked could it be that simple?

definant possibility. with a broken motor mount, the engine will lift up during acceleration thus causing vibration.

What does the motor do when the crank sensor goes bad?

It can affect the way the engine idles, the pistons fire, or the acceleration behavior. If the engine is revved up it may cause misfiring, motor vibration or backfires. Accelerating might be hesitant, and engine shaking during engine idle might happen.

Why does your engine move side to side during acceleration?

do u mean that does yor engine move side to side during acceleration. well no because your foot is on the accelerate

How weak battery will induce engine vibration?

a weak battery will not cause an engine vibration.

Why is your Ford Explorer engine loud during acceleration?

Possible exhaust leak

Why does your 1996 Chevy Cavalier make a loud jet engine sound during acceleration?

that year had the jet engine option

Why the engine check light is on and what is the code?

code 26/quad driver module fault. I have a vibration when I acceleration at times. What is the cause? I have a 1990 oldsmobile cutlass cierra, 3.3 liter V6 engine. The engine light comes on and off. what is the possible cause?

What would make a non turbo erratic on acceleration?

There are many variables that can make any engine "erratic" on acceleration. These can range from poor quality/contaminated fuel, defective spark plug wires, to a defective sensor etc. Best advice is to get a diagnostic reading (off the ECU) to zone in on the problem. This should save time & money in the long run, instead of swapping parts "on a hunch" & hoping to catch the problem.

Does a starter make a screeching sound right after the engine is started and during acceleration?

Sounds like a loose or worn out belt on the engine.

What causesm 98 Toyota Camry to stall during acceleration?

A bad fuel line can cause a 98 Toyota Camry to stall during acceleration. This happens when the line can not get proper fuel to the engine.

Why would a car shake during acceleration?

The pistons are running in the cylinders of the engine, so when the rpm of the engine rises, the pistons quickley build up speed. It is this rapid acceleration of the pistons that casue the car to shake.

What causes a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration?

One of the possible causes of a Pontiac Bonneville to jerk during acceleration is that the car needs a tune up. The engine misfiring can lead it to jerk as you accelerate.

Ford Focus mk2 engine vibrates?

Excessive engine vibration can because by and engine that needs to be tuned up. The vibration can also because by worn out motor mounts.

What would cause a diesel engine to bog down during acceleration?


Why would the gas pedal on a Toyota Camry vibrate?

One of the main causes of feeling a vibration in the gas pedal is engine vibration. The vibration from the engine causes the accelerator cable or linkage to vibrate and the vibration can be felt in the gas pedal. Check with a mechanic to be sure.

Rx8 bad engine vibration at 6000 revs?

Typically with the Mazda RX8 Rotary engine vibration at revs as high as 6000 is down to engine damage suffered when oil was low. Your engine requires rebuild or renewal. Vibration at idle only is typically engine mounts, a know fault many dealers are aware of.

Can an engine cause a car vibration?


What is a good sentence for vibration?

A great vibration was immediately obvious when the engine came loose from the motor mount. A kitten's purr is always a good vibration.

What causes an engine vibration in a Saturn SC2?

Engine vibration can be an indication of a misfire, but more often it's just the AC compressor causing a little shaking.

Engine idles but no acceleration?

Acceleration Cable broken broken, you dump!

Vibration in front of engine at idle 2004 Camry?

car run good but has a little vibration idle or running

Acceleration in a sentence?

Example sentence - My car has a V8 engine with terrific acceleration.

What does jerking and losing power during acceleration mean?

it means there is something wrong with the spark plugs cause they provide the energy for the engine

Would the knock sensor stop the engine from starting?

No. It only senses engine vibration/knock.

How much acceleration does a dodge charger have?

All depends on the engine you have, the hemi has great acceleration.