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A spider bite. This exact thing happened to my friend the other day. Hello. I have light red rush on my chin, a little bit on the forhead. I don't know what it is. Could it be some kind of allergie? or it's more seriouse??? I have had swelling, a lump about the size of a quarter on my right forehead. It comes and goes only fasting about 12 hours or so. This has been happening since october of 2003. I went to the doctor and he said that he has no idea what it is. Maybe you can help. Thanks!!

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โˆ™ 2004-09-25 18:18:16
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Q: What could cause facial swelling on the forehead down the left side of the face and under the eyes?
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Is it possible to get facial swelling if taking B12 vitamins?

Yes, it is possible (although fairly unlikely). The B12 compound won't cause the swelling, but one or more of the inert coumpounds in the formulation could cause the facial swelling.

What could a strange painless swelling be on your forehead above your a?

A strange painless swelling on your forehead above your eye could be a pimple. If it grows to a large size, consult your doctor.

What would cause a red burning rash on your forehead?

Perhaps hair dye? or it could be your facial cleanser it may be to strong.

What could cause facial swelling under the left eye and left cheek area?

Facial swelling under the eyes and cheeks can be caused by a mild to serious disorder. Swelling may even be caused by an allergic reaction from food to animal dander.

Could Tylenol cause facial swelling?

Tylenol is one of the most used pain relievers in the United States. It can solve face swelling because of relieving nerve problems. Typically, it will not cause face swelling unless the patient is allergic to it.

Could a scalp sunburn cause forehead and eye swelling?

no YES...the sun can cause swelling in your forehead and eyes..Ive seen it many times.Theres not much you can do except to ice it and wait it out.Some people have a reaction to the sun even if they never have before..your body reacts with fluid build up.

What could cause swelling of upper eyelid and check of right side of face and seeing broken white light?

Facial and/or eye swelling should be evaluated by your physician, not a question placed on the internet.

What is causing your facial swelling earache and tenderness under the eye?

Facial swelling, earache, and tenderness under the eye could be caused by a number of ailments. Most likely this is from an allergy.

What could cause facial swelling by the cheek and mouth on the right side?

You may have an infection in one of your teeth (possibly a molar) and you should first see your doctor, then dentist.

Can endometriosis cause bulging stomach?

It could. This can cause swelling and if enough swelling is in the uterus, it could cause a bulge about a hand's width below the navel (belly button).

What could cause severe itching and swelling of the hands and feet?

what can cause severe itching and swelling of the hands and feet

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