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What could cause female back pain if you are not pregnant?

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Some women get Back pain during or near menstruation. However, your back pain doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the fact that you're female. It could be caused by strained or stiff muscles, overwork, Sleeplessness, sleeping funny, injuries, UTI (urinary tract infection), PID (Pelvic Inflammatory disease), Hormonal changes, etc .

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What STD can cause abdominal and back pain?

Well if your female it could be a pregnancy, if your not pregnant it could be clamydia or gonroehha (sorry about the spelling) or syphallis you should go to your doctor and have test.

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yes you can back in February i had a miscarriage and the doctor told me it could of been the smoking i had no idea i was pregnant i had found out to late

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Your tubes can become untied, or there is a chance of becoming pregnant in the fallopian tube, which results in a miscarriage. Use back-up protection always, just to prevent it, since it can cause complications for the female as well as the unborn baby.

Can you tan when you are pregnant?

If you get a doctor's note you are able to tan, it is advised that you tan in a stand up bed instead of laying on your back, it could cause harm to the baby.

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If you really had a miscarriage, you can't still be pregnant, but you could be pregnant again before you get your next period.

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If you mean anal sex, then no you cannot get pregnant from anal sex. But if sperm enters the vagina, then yes you can get pregnant from any position.

Could you be pregnant if your breast are tender and you have mild cramping and your lower and upper back hurts?

Yes you could be pregnant. Take a test and or see a doctor.

Can i put my male hamster back in the cage with the female after she had babies the babies are no longer here?

Yes, but be aware that they will breed again and the female will become pregnant.

What if your period came early but a week later you still feel nauseated back pains headaches and you cervix is high soft and wet could you be pregnant?

yes cause it happened to me and lower back hurts alot

I came home from college may 9th My period was supposed to come the 17 Its the 21st and it still hasn't come I know I'm not pregnant Could me coming back from college have caused my period to be late?

Several things can cause your period might be late -- or missing altogether. Interruption of your routine can be a cause this. If coming back from college was stressful or anxiety producing it could be a cause.

What causes lower stomach and lower back pain together?

its cause by being pregnant

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If you have cramping and slight back pain 10 days before your period but no PMS systems 3 days before your period is due could that mean you are pregnant?

yes cause it happen to me

What could be the cause of random back bruising?

There are several things which could be the cause of random back bruising. Some of the causes include spinal fracture, pancreatitis, coagulopathy and back injury among others.

What could be the cause of no menstrual periods and back pain?

dThis could be the cause of stress, poor nutrition, or over excersize.

Could you be pregnant if your period was 2 weeks late and you have lower back pain?

Hello. Yes you could be pregnant. You can do a home pregnancy test now and it will be accurate. Good luck.

What is this pain in your lower back?

The baby could be breach meaning back labor, it could also be the baby putting weight on you, MANY pregnant women will have back pains its the extra weight.

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It is REALLY SIMPLE:If you have sex you CAN become pregnant, pill or no pill, condom or no condom, whatever.There ALWAYS is a possibility (sometimes very small but still greater than zero) of becoming pregnant when sperm is introduced to an ovulating female. Period.

You stopped taking your pills for two weeks the first day you went back on your pills you had unprotected sex could you be pregnant?

ABSOLUTELY! The likelihood is debatable, but the answer is definitely, YES. You could get pregnant.