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Can differential cause truck not to go in drive but will go in reverse?

No it will not. Sounds like the transmission has a major problem.

What cause your car to make a clunking sound when your car is in reverse?

Motor and transmission mounts. Or differential is getting worn(check fluid- sometimes the differential fluid and transmission are shared- if not, refill or youll lose the differential ).Check the easiest first, the mounts are probably old, worn and broken.

Can replacing a rear main seal cause leakage into the transmission?

No. The transmission is sealed to the input shaft and torque converter inside the bell housing of the transmission. It is possible to leak oil into the bell housing, but that will not migrate into the sealed transmission. If your transmission fluid looks as dark as your motor oil, a flush of your transmission may be in order. -Steve

Can loss of differential fluid cause total transmittion slippage?

It's possible but VERY unlikely. If the differential losses all it's fluid, it is possible for it jam up, but there are other points of failure along the way besides the transmission. even if the transmission is suddenly stopped, it should not cause any permanent damage unless there is a LOT of torque involved.

What are two factors that cause differential weathering?


What might cause a gas odor inside and outside a 2002 Hyundai?

A Leakage

What would cause the fuel pump to not pressurize?

there could be some leakage in the pump

Which can cause auroras and disrupt satellite transmission?

Which can cause auroras and disrupt satellite transmission?

What if Gina physician ordered laboratory test that would enable him to establish a differential to identify the cause of her signs and symptoms?

Differential Diagnosis

Is there a relationship between smoking and incontinence?

Yes, smoking and urinary incontinence are related because a smoker's cough can be an indirect cause of leakage. Also, smokers can get circulatory diseases and the prescription given for diuretic medicines could also cause leakage.

Dear all what direct consequences can be from Current transformer on generator with respect to differential protection relay?

CT's are used as inputs to the differential. If the CT is bad, or it is not wired to the differential correctly, it will cause differential current to be seen by the relay, resulting in a trip.

Transmission won't go into reverse?

There can be several things that will cause your transmission not go into reverse. The most common cause is the gear in the transmission is worn.

What is the number one cause of fires?

the number one cause of an engine fire would probably be oil leakage.Source: Experience

What causes the transmission to slip when its good.And the sppedometer doesn't work?

Low transmission fluid will cause this and also weak bands inside the transmission can cause this.

What will cause Allison transmission to not shift?

Allison transmission not shifting

Why is door seal needed in microwave?

To prevent radiation leakage, which can cause burns, cancer or death.

What are the causes of high fuel consumption in suzuki escudo vehicles?

Several problems can cause high fuel consumption. An engine that needs a tune up, a slipping transmission or a problem with a sensor giving bad information to the computer can all cause low fuel economy.

Transmission stuck in second gear?

Several things can cause your transmission to be stuck in second gear. Broken or detached shifting linkage will cause the problem. A broken shifting for in the transmission can also cause the problem.

What would cause burning smell from exhaust pipe?

The burning smell from the exhaust pipe may be caused from oil or transmission fluid leaking into the exhaust pipe. For example, if your turbo is failing on the car, then that can cause leakage from the manifold into the exhaust pipe. There may be other reasons, too, which other people will be better articulating.

What could cause a drive line vibration in a 1986 suburban 2500 2x4 ujoints carrier bearing are good?

check that the pinion nut on the differential is not slightly loose. have drive shaft balanced. check transmission and engine mounts

Internal leak in transmission?

When a transmission has an internal leak, the fluid pressure can drop and not flow to the proper valves. This can cause improper shifting, as well as cause transmission damage.

Why is the transmission malfunction light on in your 1992 BMW 325i?

There are several things that can cause your transmission malfunction light to come on. The most common cause is low transmission fluid.

Will bad hoses for transmission make it not shift and go?

Leaky transmission lines would cause the fluid level to drop and eventually cause the transmission not to shift and go.

Why a leakage in one capillary is less severe than a leakage in an atery?

A capillary is very small so a leak in it is not so dangerous but a leak in an artery will cause a huge loss of blood which is very serious.

Difference between flux linkage and flux leakage?

i) leakage flux is those flux which goes through the air and linkage flux is those flux whose go through the cell. ii)leakage flux is the loss at flux but linkage flu is warning flux. iii)leakage flux is cause of eddy current loss and linkage flux is case of copper loss.

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