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P1000 on any Ford means you have cleared the PCM codes and it hasn't run it's self-diagnostic tests yet. This will go away. It is not related to your rough idle.

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Remove, clean or replace the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve.

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Q: What could cause p1000 code rough idle on 2001 Ford Ranger 4.0L Truck runs fine above idle but stalls at idle?
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When running the heat and defroster on your ford ranger will it cause condensation to drip from the truck?

Not unless your heater core leaks.

Truck stalls when you let off gas pedal?

There are several things that can cause your truck to stall. The most common causes are a lack of fuel or a lack of air. Check your fuel filter and your air filter.

What would cause a car to stall out accelerating above 40 mph?

If car stalls out when accelerating above 40 MPH, it can possibly be caused by fluid leaks. Another reason can be a defect at the transmission.

Where is the fuel shut off located on a 2001 ford ranger would this cause the truck not to start?

passenger side floorboard on the firewall close to the kick panel

What would cause the air conditioning in a 2001 silverado pick up truck to work on the 3 and above settings but not on 1 and 2?

The blowe motor resistor can cause that.

What can cause a truck to not start?

A dead battery is the most common cause for a truck not to start. Corroded battery cables is the second most common cause for a truck not to start.

What are the timing specs for a 96 Ranger 23L SOHC 4 cylinder and will the crankshaft position sensor cause it not to crank?

haha i asked this question and i can answer it now. I finally got my truck on the road !!

My 90 Jeep Cherokee surges at idle and sometimes stalls but runs fine once you are going what could cause this?

My 89 jeep Cherokee surges at idle and sometimes stalls but runs fine once you are going what could cause this?

What would cause a 96 ford ranger to run rough and the catalytic converter to get red hot when the truck reaches op temp?

Clogged converter, running too rich or a misfiring plug.

What cause 1994 Dodge Dakota stalls when you barely give it gas?

Try the throttle position sensor

How do you bypass anti-theft system on Ford Ranger?

How do you bypass the alarm on a 2000 Ford ranger cause I replaced the ignition

How do you fix a school bus that stalls when you put in gear?

You start by diagnosing it to determine the cause of the issue, then repair it accordingly.

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