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This is a difficult question to answer. Any type of infection can caue the above symptoms. Anything from mononucleosis, malaria, lymphoma, strep, etc. the list is virtually endless. A GOOD history and physical exam by an experienced doctor will help him start to figure out which tests to order. It can be a lenghty process, since it is a process of elimination.

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Does lymphocyte have a nucleus?

lymphocyte have nonucleus because lymphocytes are one of the part of the white blood cell. White blood cell contains of lymphoblast and it turn to lymphocyte and lymphocyte turns to agranulocytes. When agranulocytes and granulocytes combine it will turn to white blood cell.

What is the largest blood cell?


Where is lymphocyte located?

Everywhere. They circulate in the blood.

A blood cell that produces antibodies?


A blood cell that produces antibodies is called?


Which of the following is not a characteristic of white blood cells?


What does atyl mean in blood test?

atypical lymphocyte

What is the white blood cells in the lymphatic system?


What is the range of LYMphocYte in blood?

cat is to kitten as dog is to

What kind of white blood cells are involved in production of antibodies?

A type of white blood cell called a lymphocyte, or more specifically a B lymphocyte produces antibodies.

Name the 5 white blood cells?

Eosinophil, basophil, and neutrophil granulocytes, cd40+ B-lymphocyte and cd80+ T-lymphocyte.

What are lymphocytes and what do the do?

lymphocytes are white blood cells. these are of two types, B lymphocyte and T Lymphocyte there basic role are in immune system.

White blood cell carried in the lymphatic system?


Red blood cells and lymphocyte are examples of?

formed elements.

What is a normal lymphocytes percent?

normal lymphocyte in our blood is 26%.

What are white blood cells carried in the lymphatic system?


What is a white blood cell that makes antibodies?

A B lymphocyte.

What medical term of a blood cell that produces antibodies?


What is absolute lymphocyte?

Absolute lymphocyte count is the number of lymphocytes (a certain type of infection fighting white blood cell) in a given volume of blood. This is in distinction to the percentage of white cells that are lymphocytes.

What blood test will give an accurate estimation of radiation dose?


Which white blood cell makes antibodies?


Which type of blood cell ingests foreign cells?

T - lymphocyte

What does a high lymph count mean for lymphoma?

A high lymphocyte count is usually a sign of lymphoma, which is a blood cancer that starts out as a lymphocyte. High lymphocyte counts may mean the cancer is spreading, returning after remission, or is not responding to chemotherapy.

What does lymphocyte abs mean in a blood test?

Viral infections can increase this number.

What causes high polymorph in the blood?

What causes high polymorphs and less lymphocyte