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Q: What could cause the alternator to go bad?
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Could bad wiring cause a alternator to go bad?

Yes it could.

Can the bad alternator cause the water pump to good bad?

The alternator is belt driven and so is the water pump but that is where the correlation ends. There is no way a bad alternator could cause a water pump to go bad unless the alternator pulley was warped. Then there is a small chance.

Can a bad battery cause an alternator to burn out?

No a bad batery could not cause the alternator to go bad .only if a big short happened to the battery and melted the cells in to a short inside the batt

Will an alternator cause a distributor to go bad?

No, it will not.

Would a bad alternator cause your air conditioner to blow warm air?

A bad alternator will cause a battery to go bad. It does not have an effect on the air conditioner.

Could a bad exhaust leak where its dumping exhaust out of the manifold out to the alt cause an alternator to go bad?

Yes, those exhaust gases are extremely hot and can cause the alternator to overheat. Not only that but that carbon monoxide can enter the vehicle and kill you.

What makes a brand new one week old alternator go bad?

If your battery is not fully functioning and needs to be replaced, it can make the alternator work harder. This could cause a brand new alternator to go bad. Check your battery, if the battery is not the issue, return the alternator, it should have a warranty on it for at least the first 30 days.

Would the check engine light go on when the alternator is going bad?

It could.

Would a faulty alternator cause the electrical system to pulsate on a 1996 Honda civic lx?

The voltage regulator in the alternator can cause issues like this when they start to go bad. The voltage regulator is an integrated part of the alternator and cannot be replaced, if it is bad, the entire alternator must be replaced.

You replaced a bad alternator on a 99 wrangler. could that cause your fuel pump to go bad?

The alternator normally has absolutely nothing to do with the fuel pump. However, since they are not too far apart, in the process of replacing the alternator, something could have hit the fuel pump and damaged it. So, while there is an extremely high probability the two are not connected, there is a possibility they are connected.

What would cause an alternator to go bad?

Installing an alternator on a dead or poor battery will cause them to fail prematurely. trickle charge your battery before installing a new alternator. check all connections for corrosion especially grounds.

Would a bad alternator cause a battery to go dead?

either the alternator is dischargeing the battery or it is going flat just because its not getting re charged

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