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You don't say what kind of car so make sure all of the wires were hooked up correctly.

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Q: What could cause the battery indicator light to remain on after a new alternator has been installed?
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Why would battery light remain on after replacing the wires alternator and regulator and the battery is good on your 1989 Taurus?

Sometimes an alternator with a weak diode(s)can test out fine, but can still trigger the light. I believe the problem is in your alternator. Good luck.

What would cause the battery light to remain lit on a 1992 Acura Vigor?

It is usually caused by a bad alternator.

1994 Saturn SW2 Series There is a beeping noise in my center console when the battery is dead. I have suspicion that it may be some type of kill switch draining my battery. The battery is brand new.?

Rather than assume, why not check the alternator? If an alternator is not functioning properly, the battery can only remain fully charged if the alternator replaces the electrical energy that has been used. Test the system to determine if there is an electrical drain, but start with the alternator first.

If the alternator and the battery are both new why isn't the alternator charging the battery. The fuses were checked and the connections to the battery are good. What is the problem?

just bcuz you brought it new doesn't mean it can not be defective take it back to the seller and have it checked this problem happens very often because alternators are not new anymore they are remain parts

What happens to water when the universal indicator is added to it?

In ultrapure water the indicator remain unchanged.

Does phenolphthalein indicator remain clear in a acid?


Does a phenolphthalein indicator remain clear in an acid?


Can you add a second battery to your car to help with audio install in parallel to remain 12v does this damage the alternator because of the amount work it needs to do to charge both batteries?

Sure you can. But it would be much easier to purchase a compacitor which acts like a battery in that it stores power and uses that to power what is connected to it. This also saves the alternator

How do you know if alternator is bad or the belt?

Make the sure belt has tension in it and it's turning the alternator pulley. When the car is started, remove one of the positive battery terminals (carefully of course and don't let it touch any other metal, wrap it in a rag). If the car continues to run, then the alternator and volt regulator are doing their job. The alternator's primary function is to recharge the battery after starting the car, then to run the vehicle's entire electrical system, which includes the ignition system. If the car dies after you remove the battery cable, then most likely the alternator is working. Go to Auto Zone, they'll check the entire system for you for nothing, otherwise give this a try. The car may not remain running when a battery terminal is removed. An alternator uses coils instead of permanent magnets for their stator. In order for their to be a magnetic field in the stator, it requires some current to be passed through the coils (A generator uses permanent magnets, so it already has a magnetic field in it without needing any external current). This current comes from the battery and if the battery is removed, the alternator will not put out any current, ultimately causing the car to stall out. However, if the engine uses a generator, it would remain running. Consequently, an alternator will not charge a completely dead battery.

Allowing a battery to remain in a discharged condition will do what?

Ruin the battery.

What is the colour of turmeric indicator if the substance is neutral?

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What could cause the battery light to be dim when ignition turned and then remain dim when the car has started on a 96 ford escort diesel van.?

Sometimes a weak diode within the alternator can cause this. Your alternator may test out fine but have it checked anyway. I hope this helps you. Mark get your alternator checked out as it sounds to me like its on the way out

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