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There is an engine temperature sensor that operates the cooling fan.

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Could a stuck thermostat cause cooling fans not to work?


Why is there no heat in your 98 Taurus even though there is antifreeze and thermostat has been replaced?

you may need new water pump the cooling fins wear out a common cause.

Will installing a thermostat backwards make problems with check engine light?

It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.It could cause the check engine light to come on with a code concerning cooling system/thermostat performance.

What can cause my96 la sabra to ever heat and then have te ac quit working?

The thermostat may need to be replaced. The cooling fan might not be working. The cooling fan should run while the a/c is on. Two things I would check first.

What would cause a 1996 BMW 320i convertible to overheat on a short journey and all the water bubble and steam?

my guess is the thermostat if you just replaced the thermostat then it might be an air pocket in the cooling system solved by taking the cap off the overflow tank squeezing the radiator hose going to the thermostat housing until the water pressure opens the hose in your hand this forces your thermostat open. if you decide to replace the thermostat yourself do the same as above to make sure all air is out of your cooling system.

Will a bad thermostat cause fluctuations in heat?

Yes, a thermostat opens and closes in response to the temperature in the cooling system under normal conditions. If it is sticking it can cause fluctuations in the radiator coolant temperature.

Why is my Nissan maxima overheating already replaced thermostat?

Even though you have already replaced the thermostat, there are other issues that can cause your Nissan Maxima to overheat. Your fan may be stuck and not operating as it should.

1999 ford escort will thermostat cause service engine soon light to come on?

yes sometimes cause if it fails open the temp sensor will kick the light on tellin its too cold or opposite if the thermostat fails closed

What would cause your 2002 Saturn sl1 to overheat while idling and water to boil out of cap on overflow tank even after radiator water pump and thermostat were replaced?

If the electric cooling fan(s) are not coming on that may be the problem.

Can a faulty thermostat cause cooling system malfunction on 2001 jetta?

If your doing a lot of city driving you should get it fixed... the thermostat tells the cars computer when to turn on the fan which provides more the 50% of your engine's cooling in city driving!

What would cause a 2002 2500 HD to over heat you have replaced the thermostat already?

water pump

What other reasons are there for a motor to get hot if you have replaced the thermostat and radiator cap?

Low of coolant, defective water pump, clogged radiator interior or exterior, cooling fans not working, thermostat installed up side down, or you may have bought a bad, new, thermostat. It happens. Also running 100% water will cause it to overheat. Run a 50/50 mix.

Could a faulty thermostat cause a water pump to leak in a 2000 ford escort zx2?

no if the pump is leaking it is bad and nedds replacing

What would cause my 95 Ford Escort to run hot?

More than likely it needs a new thermostat and the radiator back flushed.

If your 1994 Mustang is overheating and the radiator may be leaking can you just remove the thermostat?

You can remove the thermostat, but you son't want to. That will cause the computer to think that the car has never heated up properly and make it run as if it needs to heat up. This will affect fuel economy, power, and longetivity of the engine. You will be better off fixing your cooling system wherever the problem is. DO NOT REMOVE THERMOSTAT!!!!!!!!!!! the Computer will run in Limp Home Mode forever until its replaced, really bad economy,Worse Performace,will run the cooling fan constantly.

What would cause 84 Chevy Celebrity to overheat?

Possible reasons for overheating: Low or out of coolant Clog in cooling system Thermostat failure Cooling fan not operating water pump failure

What could cause your 94 3.4 5sp to heat up even after you replaced the thermostat?

clogged radiator, advanced timing, worn water pump, dragging brakes, etc. Usually, the thermostat isn't the real cause of overheating.

What would make a 2002 Pontiac sunfire overheat?

A lack of water in your cooling system will cause your 2002 Pontiac Sunfire to overheat. A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause it to overheat.

What would cause a 92 jeep cherokee 4.0L to overheat?

Blocked radiator, low on coolant, stuck thermostat, air in cooling system

What would cause your 1998 satrn sl car to run hot?

The engine cooling fans are not functioning, low on coolant, bad thermostat,

BMW 318i se e46 my temp gauge rises to the max for no reason for a period of time then goes bac to normal thermo sensor already replaced red light doesnt come on and car gets sluggish?

most probably cause would be your cooling systme is not bled properly and air is in your system or your cooling fans and or thermostat are not working properly.

I don't have a thermostat in my car will this cause the head gasket to blow?

No, The thermostat just causes the cooling water to get to operating temperature faster. It restricts coolant flow to the radiator until it opens. However, if you replaced the coolant with plain water when this was removed, that could have caused the problem. Plain tap water in an engine, especially one with an aluminum block, may cause a chemical reaction and cause internal damage. Antifreeze helps to prevent this and provides lubrication to the water pump.

What would cause a 94 Ford Escort to stall when returning to idle after driving with AC on?

My 94 escort was doing the same thing. I replaced the throttle valve assembly and that seems to have done the trick. Hopefully that helps you out.

Can a loose thermostat cause check engine light to appear?

It is possible. A more likely cause is the gas cap was replaced incorrectly or left off after getting gas

Why don't you have heat in your 1995 Dodge Caravan?

There are a bunch of things that can cause that. Water pump, thermostat, switch not engaging the heater, air in the heater core, not enough antifreeze in the cooling system. do i need a new thermostat