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Check the air pressure in all tires.

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How does air temperature affect the height of a tennis balls bounce?

Cold air is more dense which is making the ball bounce higher, warm air is less dense which is making the ball bounce less higher.

What is the meaning of bounce pass?

A bounce pass is when you throw the ball from one player to the next by making it bounce rather than directly through the air.

Why will you need eggs in making an egg bounce with vinegar?

If you are doing an experiment to see if eggs bounce after being in vinegar, you will need eggs.

How do you get a bankshot in black ops?

By making a tomahawk bounce off a wall.

Will dragonball z go farther?

no but they are making new serieses

Why does a futsal ball not bounce?

It's filled with cotton. The cotton makes the ball heavier and helps to absorb impact, making the ball bounce less.

How Does music effect sleep?

It is loud and echoes will bounce of the walls making it loud!

Can a design on a paper airplane make it fly farther?

yes, by making its design and structure more aerodynamic will make it fly farther.

Why does it take Venus so long to orbit the sun?

its farther away then mercury is therefore making mercury the fastest planet and venus the second fastest planet because it has to orbit a full time.and its also farther away from the sun making it go slower around farther away.

Why does a basketball not bounce as high in the cold?

The atoms in the air inside the ball are continuously bouncing around. When temperatures become warm those atoms bounce faster, but when it becomes cold, atoms slow down making the ball not bounce as high.

Can eggs bounce?

yes if you keep it in vinegar for 7-8 days. the acids in vinegar break down the calcium carbonate in egg making the egg soft and rubbery. it can bounce then

How do molecules help to transmit sound?

Molecules vibrate making it easy for sound to bounce off

What effect does air pressure have on the bounce height of a ball?

The higher the pressure, the more the ball will bounce. Lower pressures allow the ball to deform, absorbing energy that would otherwise go into making the ball bounce higher. It all has to do with the physics of "elastic" and "inelastic" collisions.

Why doesn't a ball bounce forever?

Balls don't bounce forever because some of the energy making the ball bounce is changed into thermal (heat) energy when it hits a surface. It will eventually stop bouncing when all of the kinetic and potential energy is changed to thermal energy.

How do you dribble?

There are several ways to dribble (a basketball): you can use your right hand to put pressure on the ball, making it bounce down, and let it bounce up by itself. After it bounced up, you continue the pattern.

Does the temperature affect how high or low a basketball can bounce?

Yes, temperature affects the pressure of the air and when the pressure outside the ball is lower, the pressure inside will be greater, thus making it bounce better.

What jobs did the female had inww2?

ladies jobs while the men where away in the war ;mechanics , engineers,tank drivers,building ships,working in factories, making bombs,making air Craft raid, fire engines drivers,plumber and ambulance drivers.

Which is farther north panama or Columbia?

Nerd answer: Panama is the country right above Columbia making it farther north. Retard answer: P A N A M A Average person answer: Panama

Who is likely to end up with hereditry gout if the farther has it .Is hereditry gout past down from the farther.?

some people have a hereditary condition making them more susceptible to gout

What are the release dates for TEDTalks - 2006 Dennis Hong Making a Car for Blind Drivers?

TEDTalks - 2006 Dennis Hong Making a Car for Blind Drivers was released on: USA: February 2011

What is the effect of the length of the radius to the movement of objects around the circle?

Well, the longer the length of the radius is, the more the circumference is (because you multiply the radius by pi (approximately 3.1415) to get the circumference, so the circumference is longer, making the journey of objects around the circle farther.

What is a bed bouncer?

A person who likes to make the bed bounce. It can be for several different reasons -- having sex, jumping of joy, jumping to bed instead of laying on it carefully and making the other person on the bed bounce.

Can an illegal immigrant in Illinois get a drivers license?

No, a drivers license requires information making sure that he person is a citizen, or valid immigrant (VISA).

Michigan law on teenage drivers?

No! No, there is no law unless there is a law like that in the making.

Why do boiled eggs bounce better than raw eggs?

boiled eggs bounce better than raw eggs because the raw egg has a thinner membrane than that of a boiled egg making it easier to break

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