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Does one of the replaced motor mounts include the transmission mount which could actually function like a 3rd motor mount? Check that as I have seen them go bad.

AnswerSpark knock can cause engine to shake get your car checked for emissions Answer93 4 cyls are notoriously "shaky" if you feel it mostly in the steering wheel and its not too severe, there is a TSB from Toyota that has a number of parts in it that may help. improved (softer) radiator hoses, radiator lower mounts, as well as the motor mounts you've already replaced are included and have helped me to fix many similar problems.(a tuneup can help this also and its really the best place to start). the car is no longer under warranty however so you will have to pay for the parts and labor to fix it.
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Q: What could cause the engine to shake in a 1993 Toyota Camry if you already replace both motor mounts?
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no its a1997 avalon replacing the mounts

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The cost to replace engine mounts on this car can run between $30-$300+. This can cost even more depending on where the mounts are bought, the brand of the mounts, and if someone else does the work.

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Take it to the shop

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i just replace the motor mounts with supra mounts

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Worn rubber on motor mounts. Replace mounts.

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a Toyota tercel has 4 motor mounts and 2 for the transmission theses motor mounts make your car unstable and they are easily broken

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You can put an engine, from your Toyota Celica, into your Toyota Corolla. The wiring harness and the motor mounts will need to be changed.

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yep, though you may have to replace the mounts.

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bad engine mounts... Toyota is known for this.

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