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1. there is an air bubble in the line. 2. the heater core it self is really dirty inside or it is blocked up. feel the hoses going to the heater core. one should be real hot the other just slitely cooler. if this is true then the core is good. the problem may be in the on/off controls. depending on the vechele, a control switch may be in the heater hose or in the heater core. the input hose is hot, the output hose cool. the switch may be stuck so it is blocking the water getting to the core. have some one watch the switch under the hood while some one is in the vechele working the switch on and off.

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What would cause the heater in a 1997 Taurus not to work even after you drained the radiator changed thermostat and added new coolant?

the heater core could be pluged or the heater control valve is stuck closed

What would be the cause of the heater not getting hot on a 1988 Sedan Deville?

1 of a 100 but the 1st to check . BAD THERMOSTAT

What would cause the heater not to work on a Toyota Camry?

Most common things are Thermostat or a bad heater core but could also be something blocking the door down by the heater core. I changed my Thermostat and Heater control Valve to find out a pencil fell in the defroster and prevented the door from closing. Hope this helps.

Why the electrical thermostat of a electrical heater can be damaged?

By overheating which will cause a change in the thermostat materials construction.

Can running the heater on high in the car cause the thermostat to stick?


Can a plugged up heater hose cause a massive leak from the heater hose connector on a 2000 Ford Windstar The heater stopped working a few months agoand I've already changed the thermostat.?

A blocked heater hose could cause a leak. A stopped up heater core could as well. Or the connector in the Windstar could be cracked.

Can a thermostat cause your car's heater to blow warm air?


What could cause the temp gauge to fluctuate and the heater is not heating?

either your low on anti-freeze or the thermostat is broken. i just changed my thermostat today and i cost $11 so it won't hurt to get it replaced even if your not sure its broken.

What is the cause of car heater failure?

engine thermostat, fan motor,or fuse.

What could cause your heater to not work even though you have proper coolant levels?

The thermostat may be stuck in the open position, so that the water is not getting hot enough.

What would cause a car heater to not get hot?

low water, bad thermostat, vacuum door not working, clogged up heater core, heater valve broken........

Does a bad heater core make cars overheat?

Yes it can cause it to overheat but first check your thermostat. That would be the 1st cheapist thing to do before you did anything else. I got an 85 regal(overheating) and the thermostat or the heater core is the problem im getting them both replaced tomorrow and will let know of how it runs.

Why don't you have heat in your 1995 Dodge Caravan?

There are a bunch of things that can cause that. Water pump, thermostat, switch not engaging the heater, air in the heater core, not enough antifreeze in the cooling system. do i need a new thermostat

What would cause you to lose heat in your 1999 Chevy silverado if your thermostat and heater core are both good?

Your heater relay switch may be bad

What would cause the heat not to blow hot air on a 1993 Grand Prix?

the thermostat may be stuck open or the heater core may be plugged the thermostat may be stuck open or the heater core may be plugged

What is the cause of a 98 Ford Windstar overheating but heater only blows cold air?

thermostat stuck

What could cause your jeep to only blow cold air?

Thermostat and/or heater core may be defective

What cause a water heater to over heat?

Bad thermostat not turning it off or measuring incorrect temp

What happens if you do not use a thermostat?

Running a vehicle without a thermostat will cause it to take longer to warm up and your interior heater may not blow hot air.

What cause your car to have no heat?

Generally, the cause is a thermostat that is stuck open. A good way to test is to turn the heater control to off for a few minutes, then turn on and see if you have heat. If you do, you need a new thermostat.

What could cause 89 Honda accord has no heat?

Heater core is stopped up or thermostat is stuck open.

What would cause a 98 dodge 1500 4x4 heater to blow luke warm air?

Any heater that only blows luke warm air isn't getting warm or hot water to the coil. This sounds like a problem with the thermostat not closing, and allowing the engine to heat the water properly for the heater.

What would cause my Lincoln 2001 heater not put heat in the car?

low coolant? Bad thermostat? Climate control not sensing proper temperature? Heater core plugged or restricted? Heater core airbound?

What if your 2004 silverado temp gauge runs above normal in town and the heater blows cold but runs at normal temp on the freeway and the heater works fine What is the cause?


Your heater is blowing out cold air on your 1995 dodge caravan how do you fix this?

Possible cause thermostat bad stuck open