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Low coolant, weak thermostat, plugged heater core/ and or( if it has) defective heater control switch.If system is low on coolant, fill to top and try it; but keep an eye out for a coolant leak. Take you hand and place it on the two heater hoses going through the firewall. They should both be hot to the touch when the engine is hot.If only one is hot, then you could have a plugged heater core. If engine temp gauge shows that the engine does not warm up, replace the thermostat. I hope this helps you.

Answer The most common heater failure on the F150 is operation of the blend door. Check for diagnostic information and an inexpensive fix.

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Q: What could cause the heater on your 1999 Ford F150 not to heat?
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If Heater blows cold air 1999 ford f150?

The most common cause of this failure is a broken blend door. Check for diagnostic information and an inexpensive fix.

Common heater problems 1997 ford F150?

There are several common heater problems for a 1997 f150. A stopped up or leaking heater core, bad thermostat or clogged up blower fan housing all can cause heat problems.

1999 f150 heater only blows cold air?

some possibilities are. low coolant level, open thermostat, pluged heater core,

Where is the heater core in a 1999 f150 4wd?

Burried behind the dash on the passenger side, good luck.

Oxygen sensor could that cause it to hesitate on a 93 F150?

engine light comes on and off. when light is on it hesitates and transmission slips. what could cause that on a 93 F150

How do I replace the Block Heater 1998 F150 4.6L?

How do I replace the block heater in my 1998 F150 4.6L?

1999 F150 heater hoses outside diameter?

I don't know about the outside diameter of the hoses but, the outside diameter of the heater core inlet and outlet tubes are 3/4" (inlet) and 5/8" (outlet).

How do you replace a heater flap on a 1999 ford F150?

The heater flap, or blend door, is difficult to replace with OEM parts supplied from Ford. There is an aftermarket kit that makes the job and cost significantly easier at or on the Ebay listing.

You are hearing a whistling noise on your 1999 Ford F150 What would cause this?

The head gasket is about to blow.....Typical ford..

Is the 1997 f150 transmission is the same as the 1999 5.4 expedition?

Is the 1997 F150 Transmission is the same as the 1999 Expedition

1989 Ford F150 and the heater isn't working It only blows cold air What could be the problem?

The thermostat may be stuck open.

1998 ford f150 neither hose going to heater core is hot?

heater core hoses not hot

Where is the blend door actuator on your 1997 F150?

How do I locate the heater blend door actuator in a Ford f150 pickup

Will rims from a 1982 f150 fit a 1999 f150?

No, 97-03 F150's have a 5x135 lug pattern.

1999 ford f150 removing fan shroud?

To remove the fan shroud from the 1999 Ford F150 you need a user manual to guide you.

What could be wrong if the battery light is on and the 1999 ford F150 still runs and starts up?

check your battery cables. could be old or just loose.

I had my heater core changed on my 1999 ford f150 and now when you turn on the ac it blows hot air how can i fix this?

The temperature blend door may not be hooked up or is not working. Check that the temperature can be changed in any mode of operation. It could be a disconnected or failed actuator also.

After replacing the heater core in a 1999 F150 the air conditioning no longer works what went wrong?

You have done something to the mix door. It should shut off air to the heater core when the AC is on. It is located right near the core and you may have bent it or just disconnected it by mistake.

2002 f150 heater coil?

Go to hospital take he/she to the hosipitstal

How do change a speed sensor on a 1999 F150?

The speed sensor is mounted in the top of the rear differential on a 1999 F150. Remove the wires, then unbolt the sensor to remove it.

How do I remove the spare tire in a 1999 Ford F150?

Removing the spare tire from a 1999 Ford F150 is simple. All you have to do is get under the truck and unbolt the spare tire.

Does a 1988 F150 have a water shutoff to the heater core somewhere in the engine compartment?


Does the key for a 1999 F150 have a chip in it?


Why is your 1999 F150 blowing cold air when the heat is on?

Low coolant? Defective thermostat? Heat control cable not adjusted properly? Heater core plugged or airbound?

Will an 2005 f150 engine computer and wire harness and engine work in a 1999 f150?

i seriously doubt it. there have been several engine modifications to the the Triton v8s since 1999.