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The bearings are going bad. Try a slightly heavier oil. If you've been using 10 W 30, try 15 W 40 or something heavier than what you've been using. You can often squeeze a little more life out of an engine by trying that. Keeping good, fresh oil in the engine can help bearings and cylinders last longer. Old oil becomes gummy and thick and results in bearing wear. IF oil is kept changed and full, babbit bearings can last almost indefinitely.

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Q: What could cause the oil pressure to drop from 40 pounds to under 20 when engine is warm on a 1986 Ford F-150?
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What is most likely to cause low oil pressure?

A worn out, tired, high mileage or abused engine could cause low oil pressure.

What damage can too much oil do in an engine?

Too much oil in an automotive engine can cause high oil pressure. High oil pressure could cause blown seals and gaskets allowing oil to leak out.

How do you know if the cause of a strange chain noise is the timing chain tensioner or low engine pressure?

It depends on what kind of car and what engine you have. You could temporarily install a mechanical oil pressure gauge in place of the factory unit to verify the engine oil pressure.

Can service light cause uneven idling?

No, but something that could cause uneven idle could cause the check engine light to turn on.No, but something that could cause uneven idle could cause the check engine light to turn on.

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If you have no sparkno fuel pressure and no injector pulse on 1995 lumina van what could cause this?

Could be a broken timing belt or a bad Engine Control Module.

Will leaking oil cooler line cause low oil pressure?

Yes it will cause your car to have low oil pressure. Anyone who has that problem needs to get it fixed. It also makes a mess and could cause the engine to seize if you lose all your oil.

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Can a bad radiator cause water to bubble in the cars reservoir?

No, this could mean you have a cracked head gasket and engine pressure has entered the coolant.

Can the fuel pump cause the service engine light to come on and the car become sluggish in a 1992 Chevy Caprice?

If the fuel pressure is too low that might cause the service engine light to come on and , since there would not be enough fuel pressure, might also cause a sluggish response. That could be caused by a clogged fuel filter also.

Are there sensors that would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to not start?

Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.

Will the fuel pressure regulator make your car misfire?

Yes. A fuel pressure regulator maintains the adequate fuel pressure required by the engine. A faulty fuel pressure regulator might leak fuel or cause your engine to run lean. It could create hard starts, knock and ping, or hesitationat full throttle.

What cause an engine to idle high?

A vacuum leak could cause that.

Will a bad head gasket repair cause loss of power on a 2002 Subaru?

If an engine was not assembled properly it could cause a low power complaint.If an engine was not assembled properly it could cause a low power complaint.

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What could cause a Ford Fiesta to not start?

engine flooding. low battery. cold weather. try putting the holding the clutch down as you start the car as this takes some of the pressure off the engine

What does a cam chain tensioner do?

A cam chain tensioner puts pressure on the chain, keeping it taut. If the chain were to not be tight, then it could slip on the gears causing the engine to run rough, or cause engine damage.

What can be the cause of high pressure in the cooling system of a 2001 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L?

If the engine fan is working then you could have a defective thermostat or a blown head gasket.

Is 4 extra quarts of oil in your engine ok?

4 quarts over full is not safe for your engine, that is almost twice the amount that it calls for. that much oil will cause more pressure on your oil seals, and could cause a severe leak that is an expensive fix.

What could be wrong engine knocking then stopped running on an 89 ford ranger?

It may have lost oil pressure. Is the oil full? Insufficient oil is the most common but not the only cause of low oil pressure.

Will a faulty fuel rail pressure sensor regulater cause stalling?

A fuel rail pressure regulator could cause trouble.

Will a vacuum leak cause the check engine light to come on?

It could.It could.

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You could measure pressure in pounds per square inch.

Is to much oil bad for a 1995 gmc z71 4x4?

Yes it is, cause when a engine is running it builds pressure inside the crank case, and to much oil will cause oil leakage in the gaskets and could cause piston ring damage.