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Tires can be either out of balance or have a slipped belt and cause vibration in the steering wheel. Wheels can be bent and cause it. CV joints can be almost to the point of failure and cause it. Excessively loose steering components (ball joints, Rack, idler arm (if present), struts... Either the front or rear drive shafts could be out of balance most likely the front

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Q: What could cause the steering wheel to shimmy on a 98 4x4 tacoma other than tires or wheels?
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Would warped rims cause your steering to shimmy or pulsate at speeds above 70 mph and how can you fix it?

yes they would. you my be able to reduce the problem by having the wheels computer balanced. you may be able to have the wheels straightend or replaced

What is the cause of a shimmy in a car steering system?

The shimmy sensation in a vehicles steering wheel could be from several things , but the foremost likely reason is the camber being out of adjustment, and a simple alighnment should solve the issue promptly

How do you fix a shaky steering wheel?

Most likely cause is out of balance wheels. Get your wheels balanced by your garage or tyre specialist.

What can cause shaky steering wheel and front end?

try balancing the front wheels

What is causing your 2000 Tacoma power steering to hum?

Most common cause is low fluid, or the pump could be wearing out

What would cause the front end to shimmy and the tires to skip on tight turns through parking lots on a 1996 jeep Cherokee sport?

check the steering stabilizer

Why do cars have steering wheels why can't they be automatic?

cause if your car went automatic then you could not control it

What causes steering shake?

Many things can cause steering shake. Wheels out of balance. ( including rear wheels ) Tryes out of round. Worn steering components. Worn suspension components. Even loose wheel nuts/bolts. Get it checked out for safetys sake.

What would a bad tie rod do?

I t can cause a shimmy in the front end while driving if it is wore bad enough. It can cause your tires to wear abnormally. If it completely breaks, it can cause you to loose control of steering on the tire that it broke off of.

What is the cause of F150 front end shimmy?

ball joints

What would cause a steering wheel and entire large car both to wobble violently?

Worn-out ball joints in the steering linkage or suspension. This allows the steering angle between the wheels to vary, causing them to wobble.

What can be caused by excessive negative caster?

Excessive caster is a drivability concern and will not cause tire wear. It will however cause instability in the steering. It will cause the steering to not automatically center after making a turn, and in server cases can cause the steering to be extremely sensitive and over-steer at the slightest input. This can be made worse by wheel shimmy. If caster is unequal from side to side, the the car will pull to the side that is most negative.

You recently hit a guardrail your steering went out and both your wheels face inward What could be broken that would make it do that?

Sounds as if your steering was not on properly. Only two things can cause your tyres to face inwards, and those are: i) your default access specifier is confused - the signal that the electronics in the steering send are faulty ii) your battery voltage is insufficient to turn the wheels and keep them in check Seeing that your steering came off, i think its a problem with the steering - check the electronics

What would cause 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee front wheels to point opposite directions?

For the front wheels to point different directions there is something bent, broken, or disconnected in the steering linkage or front suspension.

What would cause a steering stabilizer to go out?

-age and use. -worn or neglected front end. Tie rods, bushings, etc... -out of true wheels.

What is the name of the piece under a car that makes the card front wheels turn and how do you fix it?

I don't know about making the "CARD" front wheels turn, but the steering gearbox, or the rack and pinion actually cause the "car" front wheels to turn, after the steering wheel is turned. Repairing either usually involves replacing with either a rebuilt, or new gearbox or rack and pinion.

Why does your steering wheel turns easily but your wheels don't?

All steering linkages have either a "U" joint to align the Steering Colum to the steering box or rack OR They have a noise and vibration damper made of rubber and cloth like a tire side wall. Either of these components can fail and cause the symptom you describe.

What causes a squealing sound when you turn the wheels completely to the right or left?

The cause of the squealing sound is because you are turning the steering wheel completely to the right or left

Is A tire out of balance dynamically can cause a shimmy-type vibration?

Yes, it can. Take it for balance

What would cause the front end on a 94 G20 conversion to shimmy and vibrate?

First thing to do is to have the wheels balanced.. If that don't fix it, have the front end aligned, and they will tell you if it needs tie rod ends or other front end parts. HTH, Chuck

What would cause the wheel to shimmy when the tie rod end is good?

balanced or bent rim. 65;

What would cause a car to shimmy and the steering wheel shake When checking out the tires one rim of the tire was so hot that it burnt your hand What would cause this?

One of the brake calipers or drums is not completely releasing. If it's a disk brake, replace the calipers. If it's a drum, check the emergency brake cable.

Could ice build up cause shaky steering?

Yes. Ice or snow buildup on the vehicle's wheels will cause an out-of-balance condition causing vibration while driving. Put car in heated garage, or go to car wash and wash away the ice and snow from the back side of the wheels.

Your Windstar makes a loud screeching noise when you turn the wheels just a little?

The cause of a loud screeching noise when a person turns the wheels a little, could be due to the lack of power steering fluid. It could also be due to worn belts.

What would cause the power steering on a 3500 dodge 1996 to work in one direction and not the other direction. Replaced the power steering pump and had all the front end rebuilt within the last year.?

The problem with this concern could easily be the steering gear. The power steering pump is responsible for providing fluid pressure but the steering gear will provide steering assist with the fluid pressure depending on steering wheel input. with the front wheels suspended and the engine off with the pittman arm disconnected from the steering gear the wheels turned left to right by hand at the tires should turn with the same effort both ways. if not, the concern is within the suspension (ball joints) or steering someplace. If the steering effort is the same suspect a steering gear fault.