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Heater core.

Most likely it is the heater core hose that's leaking. Do you smell some sort of antifreeze? Touch the water and see if it is slippery or not.

Also it could be that there is a leakage from the window OR from the front thru the firewall - was it raining hard lately? The weep holes may be stuck or you have accumulated junk in the front vent holes and the water is overflowing somewhere where it should not.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:39:29
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Q: What could cause water leaking onto the driver's side floor panel of a 1995 Honda Accord?
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What can cause moisture to get on the oil cap of a 92 Honda Accord?

Bad PCV Valve? Leaking head gasket?

What would cause a popping noise from the intake manifold area on a 1996 Honda accord?

A leaking manifold seal on the intake will cause a popping noise on the 1996 Honda Accord. This can heard most clearly on days when the weather is cold because the seals tend to shrink.

What could cause water on the passenger side floor on a 1990 Honda Accord after it rains?

It could be a door seal or more likely the windshield is leaking.

What cause fuel in engine oil 1994 accord?

Leaking injectors.

What could cause your 87 Honda Accord to not start?

No battery.

Why would a 1989 Honda Accord stall on acceleration?

There are several things that can cause your 1989 Honda Accord to stall on acceleration. The most common cause is a plugged or dirty air filter.

What will cause a 95' Honda accord to have problems starting and stay running?


Why does the gas gauge in my 1984 accord not work?

cause its a pice of s honda

What can cause spark plug get wet in a 1996 Honda accord?

Yes but, wet with what ?

What would cause the drive light to flash Honda Accord?

The primary cause for the drive light to flash on a Honda Accord is a malfunction in the transmission. Error codes from the vehicle's computer can be read using an OBDII reader.

What would cause a gas leak on your Honda 1994 accord lx?

A small hole in the fuse line would cause a gas leak on a 1994 Honda Accord LX. In addition, a hole in the actual fuel tank would cause a leak.

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There are several things that can cause your Honda Accord station wagon automatic transmission not to shift down. The most common cause is low transmission fluid.

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