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IT COULD BE AN APPENDICITIS...when my appendix ruptured i had pain all over, not necessairly on the right side It could just be wind.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-27 21:10:54
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Q: What could cause you to have lower stomach pains like being stabbed to your left and sometimes right?
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Can heat cause stomach aches?

sometimes it can but not often

Can being impacted cause pain to stomach?

YES! (Stomach Cramps!)

Can an STD cause dark spots around your stomach?

sometimes you have small spots on your stomach and its nothing but your skin being ashy. just apply lotion to your skin 3 times a day

What can cause severe pain everywhere?

Being on fire Being stabbed by tiny tiny pins everywhere on your body Being squashed by a giant squid

What is a urinary track infection?

a bladder burns when you hurts sometimes can cause back pain and stomach pain.and sometimes cause you to bleed.

Can acid reflux cause stomach pain?

Yes it can, sometimes severe enough to require hospitalisation

What may be the cause of stomach ache when your pregnant?

Pregnancy is a huge hormonal and physiological change for the body. Sometimes, this can cause reactions such as stomach ache. However, "regular" causes such as indigestion are still possible.

How bad is a stomach ulcer?

It depends. They can erode into an artery in the wall of the stomach and cause mild to severe bleeding. Sometimes they are painful and sometimes not. The pain is not necessarily proportional to the severity of the ulcer. Chronic irritation of the stomach or esophagus from an ulcer may predispose to cancer.

What could cause you to have lower stomach pains like being stabbed to your left and sometimes right when pregnant?

If you experience/are experiencing these, it is important to go to the hospital straight away. It is very difficult to give a diagnosis of what could be causing it over the internet. If you are quite far on in the pregnancy, these could be Braxton Hicks contractions. However, there are a number of other things that could be causing this, such as a trapped nerve, which is not uncommon in pregnancy.

Can anxiety cause a nervous stomach?

i suffer with chronic anxiety and it upsets my stomach so much,terrible cramps and wind sometimes i just cant eat.

Why does the intestine feel like its being stabbed?

The stabbing pain in stomach could be caused due to several reasons. If any organ in the abdominal cavity gets affected, it could result in sharp stomach pains. If you have been experiencing excruciating pain in your stomach every now and then, you must consult a doctor to determine the cause of stomach pain.Some of the causes of sharp stomach pain are given below:Food PoisoningIrritable Bowel SyndromePeptic UlcersAppendicitisDiverticulitisGynecological Problems

What causes lower stomach and lower back pain together?

its cause by being pregnant

Can acid reflux cause a cough?

it could, as sometimes when the acid comes up from the stomach into their mouths, sometimes hurting their throat. It is much like when you throw up, your throat hurts afterwards. So yes it could sometimes cause a cough.

Why does eating variety of fruits cause stomach ache?

Sometimes acid (high pH level liquid) from acidic or citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons can upset your stomach.

Can stomach ulcers come from being upset?

No being upset cannot cause ulcers. If you would like to read more about stomach ulcers you check the Related Link section to the left.

Does PID cause stomach bloating?

PID can cause stomach bloating.

Can stomach acids cause colitis?

No the stomach acid does not cause colitis.

What is James Reese Europe cause of death?

He was stabbed to death

What heat illness can cause stomach cramps?

being deprived of salt or water causes cramps

Does being bullied cause you to do self harm?

Sometimes depends on the sitsuation

What causes body deformation?

Sometimes deformation can be cause by the mother drinking, smoking or falling on their stomach when the mother is still pregnant.

Will Paxil cause ulcers in the stomach?

does paxil medicine cause stomach ulcers?

Can fresh pure orange juice cause bad stomach pain?

Yes, if you have high acidity and sometimes not enough acid in the stomach. The next time you are in to see your doctor please ask him/her about it.

Can being overweight cause stomach ulcers?

it can, even if your too skinny Another answer: Most stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria and can be treated by antibiotics. They have nothing to do with your weight.

Can being hit in the stomach cause you to vomit days later?

I was hit in the stomach by someone with a steel beam. Ever since then, i have been vomiting. No blood. Is this normal?