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What could cause your headlights to not work on high beam on 01 Ranger and you have tried bulbs?

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sounds like you have a bad high low beam switch problem its on the steering wheel. Ford had problems with these in those years.

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What could cause the brake-lights on a 1990 Volvo to work with the headlights off but not to work when the headlights are turned on?

They are either the wrong bulbs or one of the filaments is burned out. The bulbs should have two filaments. One is illuminated when the lights are on. The other is brighter when the brakes are used.

You replaced the lightswitch on your 1988 ranger but the headlights still wont work could your problem be the dimmer switch?

Yes, the dimmer switch could be at fault but, be sure the bulbs are okay before you spend anymore money.

Why does your dashboard lights work but not your headlights?

The headlights could have bad bulbs or a bad fuse; the two sets of lights are on different circuits.

Why do brakelights stay on when headlights are turned on but brakelights work normally when headlights are off on a 92 Tercel?

first check to make sure #1 you have the proper bulbs #2 the bulb is in the socket correctly.either of these could cause the circuit to back feed

Where could one go to find replacement bulbs for Chevy truck headlights?

There are many online retailers that stock replacement bulbs for Chevy truck headlights. You can purchase such an item from sites such as AutoAnything, Amazon and Auto Zone.

What could be wrong when the headlights don't work on high or low beam but the fuses and bulbs are good?

The switch.

1999 Tahoe headlights do not work 1999 Tahoe?

There are a couple of reasons why a 1999 Tahoe headlights may not work. A couple of reasons could be blown bulbs or the wiring.

Why do my headlights cut off after switching my high beam's on?

could be that the second set of bulbs are gone or a fuse on the switch.

Headlights work but tail lights won't on my 1989 mercury grand marquis?

If your headlights work, but your tail lights don't, your bulbs could be blown. It is possible that you have a shortage in your car.

What could cause the dim lights not to work. Brights are working and driving lights are working in a 94 grand prix Is there a dim light fuse?

The dim lights on a 1994 Grand Prix could go out when the headlamp switch is on if there is a short in the wiring for the headlights. There could also be a problem with the bulbs themselves if they were touched during installation. The oils in the fingers can short out new headlights.

What could be wrong if there is no dash lights or headlights or taillights for a dodge Dakota 2001?

Blown fuse, failed switch, broken wire, burnt out bulbs,

Can a radiator be messed up by getting the headlights busted off?

a radiator is actually more fragile then people believe. A rock could penetrate it and cause it to leak. With that in mind, If the vehicle was in an accident to cause the headlights to come off, it could damage the radiator.

I have a 2003 Pontiac sunfire my headlights stoped working i replaced the bulbs and still nothing what could be making them not work?

Bad switch? Bad relay/ Breaker tripped?

1989 crown vic ltd wagon one set of headlights bright one dim all bulbs are ok. What could be the problem?

Check grounds

What could be the Cause of fog lights not working on a 2001 Audi A4 Quattro?

Bulbs burned out?

What made your headlights on your 86 thunderbird just stop working?

There are few possibilities, the bulbs could be bad or the switch is bad. The fuseable link could be blown or the relay. You need a volt meter to check the connections at the bulbs this is where you start first and then work back you should be able to narrow it down from there.

Why your headlights wont come on in a 1984 Cadillac eldorado?

There could be many reasons, but the first thing I would check is ARE BOTH HEADLIGHT STILL WORKING. As a tech I was once faked out till I found out there were 2 burned out headlights. Not always visibly dark bulbs.

What could cause poor dash board illumination for a 1986 pick up truck F250 builds and fuses are good?

How do your headlights look? If the headlights are dim, it is possible your charging system is at fault. If your headlights are bright, then check your body grounds.

Your headlights will not shut off on a 99 dodge Dakota what could cause this and how can you fix it?

replace the head light switch

Peugeot 306 and the dip beam of the headlights will not work The bulbs are both OK?

could be the stalk (switch) this is a separate switch to the main beam but the whole stalk needs replacing

What would cause a LOUD roaring noise when Ford ranger stops?

the clutch release could have broken , the brakes could have locked, the engine could have blown, the transmission could have broken. These are mostly things that have happened to our ranger. It depends what you mean by stops

Why would your lowbeam headlights quit working and cruise control?

It is possible that both of the fuses are bad for the low beam headlights and the cruise control. A loose ground wire could cause the fuses to blow.

Why the High beam headlights will not work on 03 Pontiac sunfire?

could be a couple things did you check your fuses? bulbs could be burnt out, and only giving normal headlights, might want to replace you might need to replace the headlight/highbeam arm that stick out of your steering coloumn. cheapest thing first. start with fuses, then bulbs etc. it will also look like your high beams arent working if you have a build up of dirt on them, it will dim the light significantly.

What would cause on a 98 Tahoe the headlights don't work but there is power out of the back of the switch and the DRL's work?

It could be the bulb, sometimes they do that. Make sure the emergency brake pedal is retracted all the way up. When the Ebrake is on the headlights on tahoes go off. Answer: If the DRL's are working, then it isn't bulbs. Not being funny, but make sure you have the light switched turned on. You'll know it's on when the dash lights up.

Your back lights dont work on a peugeot 206 what is the likely cause?

If the back lights on a Peugeot 206 are not working, make sure the bulbs are new. If the bulbs are not the problem, there could be an issue with the fuse.

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