What could cause your left shoulder to hurt and your left arm to tingle and ache?

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There are many pssibilities ranging from a simple muscle spasm in the neck area that impinges on nerves, to a cardiac event about to happen, to the begiings of a neuro-motor disease such as MS or Parkinson's. If you have any doubt at all please get to an emergency room quickly, especially if you are a woman. We would rather tell someone it is a minor problem than wait too long and have you go into cardiac arrest.
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What could cause tingling on two of your left toes?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nBlood sugar problems and nerve problems, which often go hand in hand, are just a few things that can cause tingling in your limbs. This is a stretch though based on your problem, but see a doctor anyway.\n. \n. \nI had tingling and numbness in my little and next toe. It ( Full Answer )

What could some reasons be if your left arm and hand slightly hurt and tingle and you feel bad a lot of the time?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou could have a number of things wrong:\n . You could have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.\n . You could also have a pinched nerve \n . you could be having a silent heart attack( I did).\n . \nDont wait any longer, go to a neurologist to find out exactly what the problem is ( Full Answer )

What would cause a muscle ache in the left arm?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou could be overusing your left arm by doing the same task over and over again- causing buildup of lactic acid in the muscle and fatigue/soreness in the arm.\n-Switch to the right arm.

What does tingling and numbness in your left arm mean?

Tingling and numbness in your arm can mean a number of things, fromminor to major or life threatening. The only way to be sure whatthe tingling means is to consult your health care provider. Read onfor more information. . If you can't account for the feeling (such as slept on the armor were in a ( Full Answer )

What causes tingling in left hand fingers?

neuropathy . it might be diabetic neuropathy where the nerves are being damaged by the high sugar level in the blood. Do not let anyone tell you that it cannot be helped,especially with a non drug. take at least 600 mg per day of alpha lipoic acid and in a few days the sensation that you feel wi ( Full Answer )

Why does your upper left arm tingle?

Answer . This can be caused by many things. The least ones are having your arm in one position for too long, or doing repetitive work that uses the same muscles and tendons all day long. Carpal Tunnel is usually in the hand and can cause tingling or even run up the arm when using fingers or pal ( Full Answer )

What would cause left Chest ache and left arm and hand numbness?

The left chest ache and pain and/or numbness in the left arm are "classic" symptoms of angina and possible, or impending heart attack. If these symptoms are mild, one should call their doctor's office immediately and discuss. On the other hand, if the pain is severe, especially to the point of causi ( Full Answer )

What if your right shoulder blade hurts and left arm?

you probably pulled a couple muscles during exercise or in your sleep! massage the sore muscles well and make sure to stretch out well afterwards. drink plenty of water because this helps the muscles heal. if it is very painful, refrain from using those muscles for a few days and continue carefully ( Full Answer )

What causes tingling in upper left of back?

\nHmmm... There could be a trapped nerve in the muscles involved. If that is the problem, getting a massage might help. If that makes the pain worse then there may be more going on...\n. \nIn this case, a chiropractor might help you. However, if the pain becomes really severe, you ought to see ( Full Answer )

What could cause tingles and slight numbness in the tip of the tongue and the left arm?

\nYou are dealing with two different things here... The nerves in the tongue and in the shoulder and arms are not connected.\n. \nI cannot think of anything that would cause specific numbness in the tip of the tongue, unless it was just after trauma to the tongue (such as a cut, or burn).\n. \nIt ( Full Answer )

What is the cause of prolonged tingling sensation and numbness in your upper left shoulder?

\nSounds like an inflamed nerve in your upper back... A branch of the long thoracic nerve located is at the upper (& inner) edge of your shoulder blade (scapula). Have someone press in that area and see if it reproduces the symptoms. Id so, a lidocaine/steroid injection can solve the problem... An ( Full Answer )

What causes Arm muscle aches elbow hurts middle finger to tingle?

\nIf it's the same arm, I'd start asking about a history of trauma, such as that arm being jerked, or pulled violently. If so, I would think that perhaps the nerve bundle in your armpit had been injured by the above type of trauma.\n. \nThis 'nerve bundle' I'm discussing is formed by nerves exiting ( Full Answer )

Tingling and numbness in left arm?

Could be anything from spine or nerve damage to a GREAT indicator of a heart attack. If you have this might be time to head to an emergency room.

What would cause your left arm to ache?

Many different things can cause left arm pain, so you should see a doctor to determine the cause. Most of us freak out and fear we are having a heart attack when the L arm aches. While this is a legitimate concern and should be considered it is not usually the cause. Acid reflux (GERD) often cause ( Full Answer )

What causes a dull ache in the upper left arm?

It may be angina. Moderate amounts of regular exercise is good for the condition. It would be wise to see a doctor, just to be sure it's nothing more serious.

What causes tingling fingers and pain in the left arm?

heart attack comes to mind, possibly an auto immune attack as well, but then again it could be that your left arm is being crushed by a large weight and you are losing sensation in that arm as it is dying. go to a doctor. Tingling fingers and pain in the left arm are most probably due to a herniat ( Full Answer )

What would cause numbness coldness and tingling of the left arm?

There are few reasons but first I should say that what you describe falls among the indicators of a cardiovascular incident -- a heart attack. If you also experience pain in your chest, sweating, difficulty breathing, turning pale, or if this injury alone makes you worry, consider a 911 call.. If y ( Full Answer )

What would cause my Left arm and fingers to tingle?

Neuropathy is a medical term describing disorders of the nerves of the peripheral nervous system (specifically excluding encephalopathy and myelopathy , which refer to the central nervous system .) [1] It is usually considered equivalent to peripheral neuropathy .

What could make your left and right arm ache?

\nLifting weights.\nPunching someone too much\nHitting arms with a hammer\nWearing a shirt that is to tight.\nHaving a blood clot.\nSleeping on your arms.\nSoak your arms in hot pudding.

What causes left shoulder blade and neck pain and causes tingling sensation in left arm and finger tips?

This is likely caused by a pinched nerve in the shoulder or in the cervical spine. Often this occurs when you sleep/put pressure on a nerve for too long and the nerve is compressed. This is rarely a long term problem if this is how it occurred. Other instances may include over exertion of the musc ( Full Answer )

Why is left arm tingling and feeling numb?

If your arm is tingling and feeling numb it may be asleep just shake it until it feels better ! WARNING : This is only a suggestion this may not be the case !

Tingling fingertips in left hand and pain in left arm?

that sounds like a stroke I don't believe it's a stroke, not other signs are prevelent. Additional answer It doesn't sound like a stroke to me - more like a heart attack. But I'm not a trained medic. You should definitely consult one.

What does tingling and numbness in left arm mean?

Probably nothing - but it could be a sign of something serious such as poor circulation or various heart defects, or even an imminent heart attack. It's probably a good idea to seek medical advice right away.

What causes left shoulder and arm triceps area pain with shoulder cracking and tingling feelings in the fingers?

What you have sounds like what happened to me. It might be that you have a shoulder subluxation, which happens if you were to fall on it or forcing it into an unnaturalposition (probably then applying force). What happens is, your shoulder partially slides out and doesn't slide back in correctly. Th ( Full Answer )

What can cause your arm to ache from your shoulder to your fingers?

Left arm could very easily be a heart attack, that was what I felt along with hot flash and a body tremor. Right arm could be a pinched nerve or strain. If it is your left arm, get to a hospital ASAP. Don't think you can't have a heart attack that you are too young or too healthy or that it just can ( Full Answer )

Can a headache be the cause of tingling in left arm?

Certain types of headaches can cause tingling and/or numbness in the body. This is a symptom that really needs diagnosis by a neurologist or headache specialist though, as it could also indicate another more serious problems.

What causes the left hand to tingle?

Tingling in your left hand or in any part of your body could be a sign of nerve damage. In your hands and wrist the primary cause could be a combination of things. . You may have CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) . You may have Neuropathy (Nerve damage/Loss of Sensation) . You may have Tendinitis in ( Full Answer )

What causes tingling in only the left arm and hand?

Tingling in one side can be indicated by many things. Trauma to the shoulder. Pinching of the brachiocephalic nerve. Hitting the elbow can do it. Heart attacks are generally felt on the left side. Carpal tunnel can cause tingling and numbness in wrist and hand. So if it could be a heart attack, seek ( Full Answer )

What would be causing me to have left arm ache. It feels heavy at times. I have had an EKG and blood test and they say my heart is fine. What could this be caused from?

You need to tell your doctor that even though they have found yourheart to be fine, your arm still aches, still feels heavy at timesand you would like to find out what is going on. An internet search indicated there can be issues other than heartproblems that could make your arm hurt. Some of them ( Full Answer )