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There are many pssibilities ranging from a simple muscle spasm in the neck area that impinges on nerves, to a cardiac event about to happen, to the begiings of a neuro-motor disease such as MS or Parkinson's. If you have any doubt at all please get to an emergency room quickly, especially if you are a woman. We would rather tell someone it is a minor problem than wait too long and have you go into cardiac arrest.

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How do you stop shoulder ache?

try every night to place it in a different place ... as you shoulder can become more ache for having it in the same place ... if continues you should go to see someone who could help

What could be the cause of vaginal ache that spreads to hips?

The cause could be that continuing to keep your hips and vaginal area at different elevations while lying down could cause a pain or 'ache' to start in the vagina and spread to the hips.

Can pregnancy cause waist ache?

Pregnancy can cause a waist ache.

Can a tooth ache cause headache?

The short answer is yes. It can cause ear ache, too.

Can drinking cold water cause stomach ache?

Yes,it can cause stomach ache

Pain right arm and upper shoulder?

muscle fatigue or joint injury, lactic acid cause muscle to ache for a short period of time

What could be the cause of lower left abdomen pain and mild back ache?

to much STD's

What could make your testicle ache?

It's completely normal with puberty even as an adult.If you get punched or get hit there it can cause it to ache. It won't hurt very long if this is the case

Does the dick ache at times and does musturbating for a virgin cause the pain?

It can ache yes but masturbation should not cause any pain.

Why do your kidneys ache?

A persons kidneys may ache because of kidney stones. Other causes could be cysts or even kidney disease. A doctor will be able to determine the cause of the pain.

Can guava cause stomach ache?


Dull ache in right arm from finger to shoulder?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

What would cause your heal to hurt?

There are a lot of things that can cause your heel to ache. You could walk on it wrong, get a splinter, get a blister. Mostly results of walking or infections.

Does having a big breast problematic?

It can be. Heavy breasts can contribute to back, neck and shoulder ache.

Can dehydration cause A stomach ache?


Does a stomach ulcer cause indigestion and back ache?

not sure about indigestion but yes! it causes back ache.

Why do my Legs ache when my feet are cold?

because cold can cause joints to become stiff and could also make your muscles sore

You have been suffering with neck pain and pulsating headaches with a pain going down your right arm It often makes it ache and your hand and fingers tingle you have had this for three years?


Can you eat out of date butter?

it is best not to because it could cause you to feel sick or have a terrible stomach ache. so no because it is a dairy product.

What would cause a dull ache in the chest area that comes and goes in a woman?

Heart Ache. Find a new guy!

Can excessive sugar intake cause stomach ache?


If you have a stomach ache do you have the Swine Flu?

There are a huge amount of things that can cause a stomach ache. The chance that is the swine flu is very remote.

What could cause lower abdominal ache with heavy feeling Also had a 'show' mid cycle that lasted couple of days?

Your period

What can cause a tooth to hurt?

A Tooth AcheAnswerYou could have a sensitive tooth, cavity or possibly an abscess. I would make an appointment to see your dentist.

What can cause your arm to ache from your shoulder to your fingers?

Left arm could very easily be a heart attack, that was what I felt along with hot flash and a body tremor. Right arm could be a pinched nerve or strain. If it is your left arm, get to a hospital ASAP. Don't think you can't have a heart attack that you are too young or too healthy or that it just can't happen to you. GO!

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