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From experience, you have some of the symptoms of a seizure. Seizures often leave the victim tasting a metallic taste in their mouth and they black out and become dizzy. I would see your doctor ASAP.


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Could be a lot of things. Some of them are pretty severe. Better get medically checked out.

Yes, feelings like faintness and dizziness could be symptoms and signs of low blood pressure. This is because blood is not sustaining enough of your body to keep all your bodily functions working properly.

The English dictionary meaning for sentimiento is feeling. For example you could say that, " I have a feeling that it is going to be a long day" or " The feeling in the room was somber".

Pounding heart Sweatiness Trembling (psychomotor tremors) Shortness of breath Sensation of choking Chest pain Nausea Dizziness Depersonalization Feeling "out of control" Feeling like "I'm going to die" Tingling or numbness Chills or hot flashes

Suspense is the feeling of uncertainty or anxiety about what is going to happen next.

If you are one of the lucky ones and not totally stressed out on a particular day and tuned into yourself then yes, a good gut feeling could mean something pleasant is going to happen to you.

Yes it can be. It could also be a sign of being pregnant. See your doctor about your symptoms and have a pregnancy blood test performed.

try lying down, relaxing and then going to sleep :)

Dry MouthShortness of breathRacing heartbeatTense or jumpy feelingFatigueCrankinessDizzinessMuscle tensionHeadachesRestlessnessSweaty handsPoor memory or conentrationTremblingNightmares/sleep difficultesUpset stomach/nauseaNumbness/tingling in hands/feetFeeling like you're going crazyFeeling dreaded or anticipated about something

Yes it does. The reason it causes dizziness is because hypertension is high BP and the blood is moving around the body real fast and there is more blood going into the brain

The side effects are going to be very similar to that of starvation. The primary effects are going to be headache and dizziness.

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you take a pregnancy test or you go to the doctors.AnswerFeeling/being sickNeeding to pee moreHeadachesDizzinessExhaustionMoody and emotionalSore/tender breastsCertain foods/colours/smells making you feel/be sick

i feel ma head is heavy and hav pain in ma neck and shoulders and some time i feel pulpitation in ma head and feeling weeknes as am going to fell on flour and evry time feel fainted

The metallic characters increases as we going down the group its happen due to very high ionization energy values .

You could be going into labour, or it could be Braxton Hicks contractions. I would phone your doctor/midwife/hospital

cramping like your period is about to start, breast tenderness , moodiness, dizziness, nausea, headaches, metallic like taste in your mouth...some women get acne. increased appetite, constipation , going to the bathroom more, food aversions, food cravings...and of course a missed period.

The feeling that something bad is about to occur is a "foreboding ."

not thinking just feeling

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