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It's probably just a nerve, but if it continues see a doctor. I've had those before and it's either from lifting or exercising or gardening. Still, if it persists it's always a good idea to have your doctor check it out.

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What does a spongy feeling inside head mean?

The spongy feeling inside of the head can have several causes that range from minor to severe. A spongy feeling inside of the head can be upper respiratory infections, or something as severe as a brain bleed.

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When a woman is excited or fearful of their (possible) pregnancy, their mind can generate all sorts of "symptoms" that may leave them wondering until they know for sure. The mind is a very powerful influence over the body and the symptoms you may or may not experience.A pulling sensation in the navel may or may not be similar to the feeling of fluttering in the womb. Fluttering sensations in the lower stomach are considered to be a symptom of pregnancy. The fluttering sensation is created by the (new) heartbeat of the fetus or, when it's developed enough, actual movement of the fetus.Either way, you should take a pregnancy test to be sure of the results.

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