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What could happen if the girl is 17-years-old and the guy is 27-years-old?

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Depends on the state. In most cases, if the 2 are sexually active, it would be statutory rape if one person is younger than 13 (check state laws).
If the younger person is at least 13 but less than 16, and the other person is 0-4 yrs older, then it may be a misdemeanor-1. If the older person is 10 or more years, then it usually results in a felony. Again, check state laws... they vary from state to state. * The AOC laws apply in sexual relationships between adults and minors. All states have laws that apply to sexual and non sexual relationships between adults and minors. Some examples, coercion and/or intimidation of an underage person by a person of authority (coach, counselor, etc.), contributing to the delinquency of a minor (truancy, leaving parental custody, etc.) corrupting the morals of a minor, exposing a minor to pornography and/or lewd behavior and so forth. All states reserve the right to charge and prosecute any adult who violates such laws without the cooperation of the minor or the minor's parents or legal guardian.

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