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What could happen in Iran due to gas rationing?

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There have already been riots, but no doubt further riots will be supressed. After all, the country is an Islamic Republic ...

2007-06-27 22:57:19
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Why did rationing start in world war 2?

Due to the Germans covering the sea this meant that Britain could not ship in any resources such as food. This meant that we were low on food and therefore rationing was compulsory.

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Why is Iran a poor country?

Iran should be one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Due to its large stocks of fossil fuels and some potential good economic opportunities such as reach cultural and historical heritages that could leads to booming tourism or geographical opportunities or very young population. but due to the inefficient and corrupt political dictatorship and historical mistakes now iran is in disappointed situation.

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Rationing was needed due to the fact that during times of war, supplies for the war effort were very very limited. Therefore by having citizens ration goods, such as gasoline and many other products, there was more to support the war. Rationing helped America through many wars. It was a great act of patriotism.

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President Carter's popularity rapidly declined due to his handing of a crises with which nation?


President Carter's popularity rapidly declined due to his handling of a crisis with which nation?

Iran. Over one-hundred Americans were taken hostage by an extremist group in Iran.

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