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What could have happened to your dog if she was whining all night which she never usually does and when you went to check she was drooling and scared and kept following you and biting out at you?

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2010-01-30 10:26:22

it sound like your dog is in pain. bring her to the vet as soon

as possible.

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I agree with the other poster. Dogs seldom if ever bite their

masters unless they are in pain. They are usually very loyal

creatures. Think of your dog as a child. A sick child will cry, run

a fever and perhaps be in pain and hold their tummys, etc. where

the pain is. Dogs can't always do this. Every moment you allow your

dog to whine and drool is like a day of pain. GET YOUR DOG TO A VET



It sounds a little like rabies. I know she would be in a frenzy

by now, but if you live in that type of country that has it, maybe.

Dogs usually drool if they have a temperature or are dehydrated.

Maybe she is trying to tell you something like a toddler by

following you and you just aren't responding. It ISNT rabies. With

rabies they foam at the mouth and chase you with glazed eyes. I

think she's in extreme pain, maybe in the inside. Don't go too

close, she may bite as even the friendliest family fido's so when

they are in pain. Whining is pain or anxiety. Take a trip to the

vet and stay calm. camarillo.

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