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Are you sure that your not pregnant? if not go get an At home pregnancy test if your sure your not pregnant then chances are it's just your hormones going a little crazy before your period! Isn't being a woman great? LOL!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-15 05:35:22
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Q: What could it be if your breasts are very sore but you are not due to start your period for another three weeks?
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Can menstruation period come without developing of breasts?

you could start your period before you develop boobs - yes! :)

Do you start your period before you grow your breasts?

No you get breasts first

If your breasts usually hurt a week before your period and your period is due in a couple of days and they are not hurting could they begin to hurt after you?

Hi Your breasts may not hurt every period. This doesn't always happen. However, your breasts may start hurting during your period.

Do you have to have breasts to get your period?

Typically, your breasts start to develop about 2 years before your period begins.

How long after you start developing breasts do you get your period?

like right after

Why do you spot before your period?

Well,with some people,if you haven't had your first period yet,it could be a sign of it coming on.also,others signs of you getting ready to start a first period is the breasts getting bigger.

Do the veins in your breasts start to show more before your period?

It is highly possible that your veins will show. Before your period, hormones cause your breasts to swell which can lead to more pronounced veins.

You feel movement fluttering in your stomach had a different period last month and should start your period in 5 days also have started having cramps your breasts are tender could you be pregnant?

get the test lol

How do you know if your going to start your period?

headaches or back ache or sometimes you get sore breasts

What does it mean when your breasts feel heavy and hurt?

You may be about to start your period or they're growing.

Should a girl wear a bra when she gets her period?

No it depends when she start developing breasts

Why do your breasts hurt so bad?

when my breast hurt its cause im about to start my period so it could be that. . . if that's not the reason go see a doctor or there just growing.

If UR 1st day of UR last period was 12272007 have not started yet used a dollar store HPT on 01242008 got a negative nipples VERY sore breasts no still no period nauseus today what could it be?

It's been a month - almost exactly. Don't worry about it for now, tender breasts could mean you will start soon.

When you have a period does milk start coming into your breasts?

No. You only get milk during a pregnancy. During a period, it is just fluid build-up

Why would you have hard breasts after you start your period?

Hello. You can have hard breasts after and before your period due to a progesterone build up. Its a good idea to see your doctor about his because its not normal for you. It can be caused by a hormonal imbalance.

Is It normal to have sore breasts for ages and still not start your period?

Assuming you're a woman: yes.

When you need a bra does your period start?

No, the two are not correlated events. Some women get their period as early as age seven, well before they might form breasts. Some women might get their period before they grow breasts, too. Everyone is different.

Why do my breasts get bigger before I start my period?

Before a woman's period, she will retain water. That will cause a temporary slight increase in breast size.

If you are 12 with very sore breasts before you started you period is that a sign of starting?

Yes, but your menstrual period may not start right away.

What would be the reason for your breasts to start hurting 4 days after your period and last 16 days?

am not really sure why your breast willl hurt you 4days after your period. because i experience pains before my period hoever, it could be signs of what you get during and after your period. but its best you consult ur doctor

Do your breasts grow when you are on your period?

Having your period is the sign that means that you are starting your puberty. Puberty includes breast development, so your breast will start growing when you are having your period.

Do sore breasts on day 17 mean I'm pregnant?

Could be--sore breasts are a common early sign of pregnancy, although you could just be sensitive to PMS this month. Seventeen days after intercourse might be enough time to give you correct results on a pregnancy test. Take one now, and take another in a week (or whenever you're supposed to start your period), and/or meet with your doctor for accurate testing.

My cervix is really low and hard with sore breasts could i be pregnant?

if your cervix is low and hard, you're probably just getting ready to start your period. a lot of girls get tender breasts right around that time of the month, so don't worry!

Its a week before my period is supposed to start and I've have been feeling sick but not vomiting having headaches and pee alot been feeling drained sore breasts could I be pregnant?

Answering "Its a week before my period is supposed to start and I've have been feeling sick but not vomiting having headaches and pee alot been feeling drained sore breasts. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, could I still be pregnant?

Do you start your period before you get your breasts?

Depends, but usually Ur boobs start growing first well atleast for me that's wat happened