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You should go see your OBGYN just incase you have an STD or have a cyst.


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It could mean you have an STD. More than likely, these 'bumps' are most likely normal, and unrelated to any STD. However, if you still have some doubts, do see a gynecologist.

If you mean bumps in your vagina, not likely but if you mean that your discharges is in form of bumps, probably white and cheese-like then that is one of the few symptoms of yeast infection.

Strep is usually white bumps, but could be something else. If the bumps persist, see your doctor.

NEW answer . . . the vagina is the birth canal and is located entirely within the body. The vulva is the part with lips that you can see from outside the body. The bumps may be genital warts, depending on your sexual activity. A doctor cannot cure these, but can prescribe medication to suppress the warts. Or, the bumps may something entirely different. See a doctor, in any case.

If you're experiencing light bleeding then you shouldn't be using tampons at all because this increases your risks of TSS. I'm not sure what you mean by causing bumps, tampons go inside your body and unless you regularly examine yourself wiht a speculum you'd not be able to see any bumps inside your vagina that could be caused by tampon use.

A dream about bleeding from the vagina could signify a relief from someone who is experiencing hardship. It can also mean money trouble or an act of evil.

It means That it may be a good idea for you to go and see a doctor. some infections can be dangerous if not seen to in reasonable time.

I am not an expert but I did have a friend that had a bunch of bumps on him and it turned out to be Genitl Warts. Not trying to scare you or anything there is alot of other things it could be too. Even something as stupid as insect bites. Nothing hurts worse than a bite in that area. But just go to the Dr. and get it checked out to put your mind at rest.

It could mean that he just wanted to turn you on. It could also mean that he wants to take it past making out.

it could mean that you shave too often and your skin got sore from the shaving

hey do you know what it mean when your a women in you have bumps around your first they be smooth but then bumps come out of no were !! can you help me ??

that has been happening to me too i think it means u put some type of soap on your body and it went to your vagina and made it itchy...i'm not really sure the last time i asked my health teacher he said it didn't mean anything..

If a girl bumps into you, it could just be an accident or it could mean that she's looking for an excuse to make conversation with you.

Pus indicates infection so see a doctor right away.

Bumps can be cause by a number of things like cysts, in grown hairs or moles. Herpes looks more like blisters or open sores then bumps. Also break outs tend to come with some uncomfortable or pain full symptoms. If you suspect it could be herpes or another type of infection then you should see a doctor and get tested.

What does it mean if you have a black spot on your vagina?

What does it mean when your Vagina is red on the inside and itchy

Please rephrase that- do you mean can Guinea hen use weed for bumps? What do you mean by that?

it could mean that he likes u but also it could mean he dosent:)

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