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Any "out-of-the-oridinary" vaginal bleeding, whether heavy or slight should be checked by your gynecologist. If accompanied by pain on either side, there's the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg has implanted somewhere outside of the uterus.. usually in a fallopian tube and can be very, very dangerous (even fatal) if not caught before the fallopian tube bursts.

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Q: What could it mean if you have pain in your left side when you walk and slight vaginal bleeding?
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Could I be pregnant almost immediately after having a hysteroscopy to remove fetal bone left in the uterine cavity after an abortion five days after which I had an unusually light period?

The vaginal bleeding you experienced is most likely caused by the operation. Any operatic procedure to the vaginal area usually results in vaginal spotting or light bleeding. However do perform a pregnancy test 3-4 weeks after you last had unprotected sex to be certain.

What is a brown discharge?

Brown vaginal discharge is "old blood." It's caused by several things which are as follows: * Just finished your period & this is left over blood. * Missing of birth control pill. * Break through bleeding while on birth control. * UTI (Urinary tract infection). * Yeast infection which has caused slight bleeding due to scratching.

Could i be pregnant almost immediately after having a hysteroscopy to remove a fetal bone left in your uterine cavity after an abortion-5 days after the hysteroscopy you had an unusually light period?

Hello, Your question is: Could i be pregnant almost immediately after having a hysteroscopy to remove a fetal bone left in your uterine cavity after an abortion-5 days after the hysteroscopy you have an unusually light period? It's possible you may of conceived but I would believe that the light vaginal bleeding you experienced was caused by the Hysteroscopy you had performed. Usually during any vaginal operatic procedure, vaginal bleeding is a possibility. Please note this is advice only & should not be used in place of a Doctors evaluation.

Loss of grip in the left hand when holding objects and a slight numbness in the left side of the body what could it be?

These could be signs of a stroke. You should be evaluated by a physician.

If you have had a bladder infection and spot bleeding with a brown discharge at the end of it and now there is no bleeding but you still have a little bladder infection left could you be pregnant?

It is possible that u may have a vaginal infection as well. You should deffinitly go see a doctor because it is that and u dont treat it, there could be serious consequences. Ive never heard of such a thing for pregnancy but you could always take a pregnancy test.

What should you do if you forgot you had a tampon in and it had foul odor when removed?

It could mean that you have a vaginal infection. Most vaginal infections have a discharge of foul smelling liquid. If you left it in for more than 8 hours, it could be possible.

What causes a slight pain or pinching in the upper left side of my chest?

If a person feels a slight pain or pinching on the left side of their chest, it could be heartburn. Heartburn is cause my acid in the stomach and spicy foods.

Why is there blood in my natural vaginal lubrication?

I am 52 and have undergone menopause, without any touching, when I get aroused there is blood in my natural vaginal lubrication. When your bartholin's glands (located slightly posterior and to the left and right of the opening of the vagina) are not well aroused, they could fail to produce the mucus which is intended to make your vagina wet which could cause friction that can lead to the bleeding. Or as above, some women's vaginal lubrication tends to be bloody at times although if it has never happened before its better to get checked by your specialist.

Is spotting brown on tissue after urination a sign of miscarriage?

No. Its uterine bleeding which indicates pregnancy has taken place, aka implantation bleeding. Tissue can alse be a bit of left over toilet paper which looks like vaginal tissue. But see your doctor to be sure.

Why does your 03 trailblazer have a slight knocking sound when accelerated and turning to the left?

could be your steering is messed up for the turning. but for the transmission you could have blown piston

Taking a deep breath you feel a slight pain in the left ofthe chest?

It could (don't count on it) be a briuse or asthma.

Is it possible to have bleeding and not have a miscarriage?

There is a condition called placenta privea that is basically where the placenta is trying to pull away from the uterus.It may cause bleeding which happened to me at 5 months but it can be monitered and usually an ultrasound will be performed later in the pregnancy to determine if the placenta is blocking the cervix complicating vaginal delivery.If left untreated it can cause death.Any bleeding needs to be checked out by your doctor.

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