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Ultrasounds are pretty ahrd to fight with. If they say your 5 and a half weeks, most likely, you're 5 and half weeks. Maybe sit down and figure out why you think your 7? == Answer== I am so sorry you have to go through this confusing time right now. You could have ovulated later than you thought, your date of your last menstrual period could be off or the embryo is not growing like it should be. One thing you can do is go back for another ultrasound about a week later to monitor the growth. good luck.


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You could see a heartbeat if they do a transvaginal ultrasound.

The people reading the ultrasound will report their findings to your doctor and he can tell you what is going on.

You could be having placenta problems, you should contact a doctor and ask for an ultrasound.

An ultrasound at 6 weeks should show a fetal heartbeat, if there was a fetal heartbeat you're not miscarrying.. It's probable you estimated your due date wrong.

Hi, It is possible to be pregnant and have a negative urine pregnancy test. It is also possible you could be pregnant with a negative blood test providing that the blood test was performed too early. This could also be why the ultrasound showed signs of pregnancy. Also if you miscarried recently without you knowing, it is possible the ultrasound picked up the sac minur the embryo. If a embryo is picked up on the ultrasound then you're pregnant hun.

There would be no gestational sac visible @ 3 weeks. YES At 5 weeks 3 days pregnant by ultrasound, you conceived 3 weeks 3 days earlier.

This information is correct. I experienced the exact same thing. The early ultrasound is exeptionally accurate in most cases and the baby should measure within 1 week of the estimated age. Your body will most likely miscarry otherwise a D&C could be recommended. The pregnancy will most likely not advance past 12 weeks.

You could an ultrasound done, do a ballotment or wait five months and see if she lambs.

You should have an ultrasound done if you believe you may be pregnant with twins, at seven weeks the uterus is behind your pelvic bone, not yet visible except by trans-vaginal scan.

Possible multiple and if none seen on ultrasound you could possibly have vanishing twin syndrome.

It is absolutely impossible not to see SOMETHING on an ultrasound at 3 months pregnant. Pregnancies are most commonly confirmed without question at around 8 weeks pregnant. So, given the ultrasound is done by a qualified technician, there is no way you could miss a pregnancy that is 3 months along.

If you have a test that shows a positive pregnancy result then YES you ARE pregnant. Forget the negatives. A positive is a positive. A ultrasound can not detect a baby till you are 6 plus weeks into your pregnancy. Actually you can see an embryo earlier than 6 weeks. You should go back to the doctor and get another ultrasound. This could be a molar pregnancy. See a doctor, they will be able to give you a blood test and tell for sure.

Yes you could. You still produce the hormones and a pregnancy test could give the answer as could an ultrasound. if you have had unprotected sex and no periods get a pregnancy test

Depending on the date of the ultrasound the mare could still be pregnant under certain circumstances. 1) If the mare has many uterine cysts a pregancy could be mistaken for a cyst. 2) If the conceptus is not large enough to be observed at the time of the ultrasound. (ex. the ultrasound is done at what is thought to be day 12 post ovulation but the conceptus is only at day 10). 3) The mare double ovulated and only the younger conceptus, which has gone unobserved, continues to develop. Usually, the veterinarian determines if the mare has double ovulated during the course of each ultrasound. If the mare does not return to heat as expected after a negative ultrasound she should be rechecked for pregnancy and, if open, the veterinarian may be able to determine the rootcause for her failure to return to heat.

No; by the time the sac is visible on ultrasound, there would be detectable levels of Hcg in the blood and urine.

If measured via transvaginal ultrasound he is probably right. That is considered the most accurate form of dating at that point in preganancy. If he is attempting to measure the height of the fundus then it may or may not be accurate. It is very possible to be more pregnant than you realize as many women can spot or have a mini-period while they are indeed pregnant.

It could mean a blighted ovum, which means the embryo did not develop or it could mean it is just too early. You should go back and have another ultrasound.

Cramping is normal during pregnancy and could persist. It could also be a sign that the baby is in distress or that you are having false labor pains. You should go get an ultrasound to make sure that the baby isn't in distress. If the cramping is sever then it could be preterm contractions. If the cramping gets worse and closer together you should go straigh to the hospital and have an ultrasound or to the labor and delivery room at the nearest hospital straight away.

If they say you are still pregnant then you probably are. Seven weeks into the pregnancy is nothing. You have to take into consideration that they are going by your last menstural period when you could not have been pregnant so in actuality they are adding on a few weeks. Don't worry about it and try not to be stressed because stress is horrible for your unborn fetus.

It depends on if you are complaining about pain in a certain location of your body and they feel something, or if they are giving you an exam and you tell them what part is hurting you when they touch it. An ultrasound could possibly reveal something harmful.

You could be less than 8 weeks pregnant or unfortunately sometimes the baby does not develop and you may have what is called a blighted ovum.

Yes, you could be pregnant if your period is 2-4 days late or even skipped. If you might be pregnant, I would take a pregnancy test or go get a check up or ultrasound.

Yes, I went in for an ultrasound on 09/24/09 and they told me I was 6 weeks and 4 days along. the baby's heart rate was 138bpm and I could hear it with the abdominal ultrasound and the transvaginal. However, every pregnancy is different. Godd luck!

Sometimes you could miscarry very early, but the body doesn't reject the fetus like it should. It does happen. My aunt thought she was 20 weeks pregnant, but when she went for an ultrasound fetus died many weeks earlier

Ultrasound predictions of how far along someone is get worse and worse the longer the person is pregnant. An ultrasound predicting 28 weeks pregnant could be 2 weeks off (either more or less); by the end of pregnancy, they can be as many as three weeks off. The best ultrasounds to get to predict due dates are those done in the first trimester (first three months). In this case, having an ultrasound predicting 28 weeks pregnant and a physician predicting 30 could be about the same thing. "Feeling" 30-32 weeks pregnant also isn't the best predictor either, as different physicians and nurses may estimate differently. Hope this helps! Dr. B.

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